Seaside Saturday

to see a Blue Sky in detail

Many years ago, when I was going through a really tough time, I sought the help of a Life Coach. One of the quotes he gave me was “To see a blue sky in detail”

The meaning I took from this was: when times are tough, notice something gentle, clear and beautiful and really concentrate on seeing and experiencing it in every single subtle detail.

I am mercifully coming out the other side of a rocky time, life is calming, things are settling. Thank you so much to everyone who sent encouragement and good wishes. It really did help, more than you could know.

walk by the sea

Yesterday, just after it had been pouring with rain, I nipped down for a walk on the beach – the first time in 3 months. Oh! What joy, what bliss. The sounds, the smells, the colours , the air – ALL seemed so vibrant, so new, so wonderful.

I wanted you all to be there with me, so I imagined us all together, savouring every second!

Is there something bringing you special moments of joy right now?

Have a happy weekend.

37 responses to “Seaside Saturday

  1. How lovely that must have been, seeing the sea up close again and smelling those seaside smells on the breeze. Thank you for sharing it with us. I could almost hear seagulls crying and the gentle waves breaking. 😃 Special moments of joy right now are still our housemartins… we have seven nests on the house and garage now and I think the second brood will be flying soon too. 😃

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  2. I am so happy you were finally able to go to the beach and listen, look at and feel your beloved sea, Sandra! Here’s to more days like this one. XXOO

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  3. Sandra, am sorry to hear it’s been a rough time for you, but am delighted you can get back to the beach now, even if not quite with the same freedom yet. That will come.
    If you ever feel like some facetime company, and are planning a mid-afternoon outing, I’d love to go “with” you. Here’s a thought… Allow yourself just to Be. Whole, Complete, Loved.

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  4. I’m in New Zealand, where life swung back to a new normal a week or so back…but I just couldn’t seem to “find” it. With my new found freedom on the very first morning, I dashed away from my pad to the city, somewhere not gone for about 2 months. I completely overdid it! I rode smartly back into “fear and not wanting to go out” people either couldn’t understand it or they did. Those that did, said “ease in…” I then found that staying in the ‘hood was doing my head in!

    Finally last week, I decided a way forward was to have intentional goals. None of my old “rush and do it NOW” but rather savour – like your coastal walk

    And I must rein in any idea when out of going off the “pathway” – 3/4 goals, a place, a sit down and eat in cafe, buy one/two things or a chore off site, a long walk/s (yesterday achieved all, and wasn’t overwhelmed…on return home)

    Alternate if possible with home day

    So today, sorted out some paper/card to become cards (art work), a pile created for another day of making them arty; a small cake is baking in the oven; rest. Probably achieve something else.

    I think I’ve finally seen the light of my personal “day” where I don’t have to superwoman, or see everything – everywhere – “now” 🙂 it’s kind of freeing…

    One Day At A Time…

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    • Beautifully described! Your country has dealt with this pandemic in such a great way – that is how it looks from here. But I have been wondering how you will keep free of the virus until a vaccine is created, because presumably there is some traffic between your country and others.
      On the whole I am enjoying lockdown and immersing myself in gardening and crafting – it is just when outside forces invade it is hard to deal with them.
      If I can stay in my own little bubble I am fine.
      I can forsee similar issues for myself when the time comes, so will take a lead from you – small goals, rest in between.

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      • Very little inward air traffic arriving (border closed) – those returning home, straight into managed gov’t quarantine for 14 days – some exemptions in, but all into managed situations.

        Fingers x-ed – so far so good…

        Yes, it definitely the “outside forces” that cause one to pause. I’m still using sanitizer when out (masks are not compulsory here, very few people using them)

        I found in the end my little bubble was stifling me…and I saw very few people I actually know – the kind of person you sit down and have a long, normal kind of chat with. Not one single member of my family came by, not even now when they can! Or even asked me to visit with them…

        Every delivery person, I made sure to have words with 🙂 about whether they were taking care of themselves, not working too hard or what kind of day were they having. Even the guy who was one of those debt collectors (not for me or the new tenant next door) but for the evicted tenants who obviously haven’t paid back their money-loan!

        The rest of the time I talked to “me” … interesting how inanimate objects like the microwave or the washing machine are such good listeners 🙂

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        • I love your Prime Minister!
          She seems to be getting it right.
          I miss those easy, sit-down-with-a-cuppa-with-someone days too.
          You made me chuckle when you mentioned talking to things – I do it all the time, especially plants – but not just in lockdown! 🙂
          I do hope things ease forward and you see some of your family soon. ❤

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    Being by the sea always makes me feel better. Take care of yourself:)

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  6. something so soothing about the sound of waves on the shore

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  7. Very glad to read that you are feeling better. I love the ocean but hardly ever go there. Just far enough away—about 60 miles—so that it seems as though the trip would require too much gas. Beautiful little video. Those blues! That sound! As for me…right now life in the woods is utterly delightful. Everything is green, green, green and aflutter with life. Clif and I spend time on the patio every sunny day.

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  8. I used to live near the Devon coast and we often went for walks along the promenade next to the railway line between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren. I ma about 25 miles from the Pembrokeshire coast now and really miss the sea, It is just far enough away to make it a proper outing not a ‘popping over’ expedition. At the moment in Wales we are asked to stay within 5 miles of home if possible so trips to the beach are not really allowed for me. So thank you for the video. I am glad that everything feels calmer for you and that you are ‘coming up for air’ (or going to the beach for air!)

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  9. I love the sea, wish I lived nearer. Southampton Water doesn’t really count! So I loved the little glimpse of the sea and the beach. Glad things are getting better for you. Looking forward to when things are back to normal, so just volunteered to test a COV-19 vaccine; don’t know if they’ll want me though.

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    • Wow! Good for you. Did they contact you or you them? That takes courage Jane, thank you – the world definitely needs a vaccine.

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      • I heard about it from a question on the Government’s Daily briefing I was watching, from a questioner from the Southern Evening paper. So I went on-line and found out the details. They now wanted people over 70, so I thought that was something I could do. Doesn’t need much courage as I managed to get my cancer monitoring blood tests at the hospital and didn’t catch anything. I have felt ever since this started that I wanted to help in some way but hard to do if you are self-isolating. I do think they are primarily looking for people who are in danger of catching the virus like front-line workers so they may not want me but at least I can offer as I am not sure there are many front line people over 70.

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  10. The sea and sky are so soothing. In times of trouble I like a big hill , go to the top and look down at how small and insignificant things really are. I try to tell myself that whatever it is , is all part of being a thinking, feeling human, and embrace it. Much love, xx

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  11. Yay, you got there, The beach is my happy place! Love the idea of looking at a blue sky in detail too. 💙

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    • Yes! Hurray! The sun came out and I was off, thinking that there would not be too many people there – thank goodness. We are going to appreciate days together on the beach so much when it happens. ❤


  12. Thank you for taking me down to the beach with you. I’ve been having a bit of a rocky time of it myself this past couple of weeks and appreciated the soothing sound of the waves.
    I hope you continue to feel better about whatever was troubling you. X

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  13. So pleased to know you are through the worst and things are becoming calmer, Sandra – your visit to the beach yesterday must have highlighted just how far you have come in the last few months.

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