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My daughter is getting into gardening and has an Instagram page @newgatenarcissi where she posts photos of her new garden and asks for advice. This month she has launched a new idea – a picture collage of blooms in her garden, which she intends to make each month for a year, with the hashtag #gardencollagemonthly.

She would love others to join her each month with a collage from their garden, and I wondered if any of you would like to join in.

I had fun creating mine and was quite amazed at all the flowers I found. Most of my garden is frankly, a bit of a mess! But this was a wonderful way to show off the best bits, and such a good record of June 2020.

In a Vase on Monday

Also joining in with Cathy and her happy band of gardeners forIn A Vase On Monday.

Dianthus Carthusianorum, bronze fennel and stacchys in a kettle on top of the woodburner.

I grew the dianthus from seed and at last, in its 3rd year it has come into a decent sized plant with healthy looking flowers.

It grows up through the bronze fennel in my long border – a combination I love.

bronze fennel and dianthus

Hard to see the joy of it in a photo, but I love the mix of textures.

Also joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Now, it is a weeding day for me today, let’s see if I can get some of my garden under better control!



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  1. I haven’t got a garden, but I have a well kept lawn, and surrounds that my lawncare guy looks after. Last week, he noticed that a bad weed tree that he managed to cut down a lot has starting shooting up – it’s in a very awkward place a 12″ gap between the shed/fence. And there he was leaning to snip of the branches. My best features (not planted by me) a couple of grapevines, badly sighted, but bear well AND a lime tree, also badly sighted but having a bonus year right now. If I owned this property, I would re-landscape it all, including removing the current shed and replacing it with a worthwhile studio…

    One of things your daughter could do was have her “garden snippets” printed onto greeting cards or similar…

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  2. The metallic kettle sets off the silvery foliage of the stachys really well, and both a great foil for the dianthus. So exciting that your daughter is getting into gardening!!

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  3. A collage is certainly a good way to record what is in flower. I love your kettle vase! The silver with the silvery Stachys is rather clever! 😃

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  4. I should have taken a photo of the chamomile before I plucked all the heads! Love your flowers.

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  5. Fun idea! I’m not on Instagram, otherwise I would join in. I’m not on Twitter, either. Only so many hours in the day, and WordPress keeps me very busy.

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  6. I love your tea kettle vase today and your collage of blooms. Will try to join in occasionally. It’s nice your daughter is getting into gardening. /susie

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  7. Thankyou. It’s fun seeing a glimpse of people’s gardens. A lot of the year I won’t have any flowers but it helps me notice what does what when. I’d love to see more collages but no pressure to do them every month. Even a one off is interesting. 😊

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  8. A collage of flowers in my garden might be rather repetitive and sparse! I did take some of the wildflowers along the lanes as I walked this morning for a future post. How did you do those stars on your chimney? They are great!

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  9. A wonderful display of flowers from your garden it must be looking beautiful. And a lovely exuberant display for ‘In a vase on Monday’. Like all the stars etc. on your stove pipe too. 🙂

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  10. I would, but it’s winter Down Under, even here in the tropics, and I can’t show much floral display…

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  11. I’ll give it a go. I’m always sharing photos of the flowers at the allotment – I’ll try not to let too many fruit and veg sneak in 😉

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  12. I will go over and join in. I have done a mini one in my blog already but can do a new one for her # 😊

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