In a Vase on Monday: Cool

gardeners gaiters, stacchys, quaking grass

It has cooled down now, but there were a few days last week that were so hot.

I picked a few stems to cool things down a bit.

Stacchys, Gardeners Gaiters and Quaking Grass, with a few tiny white pebbles collected from the beach.

Joining in with Rambling in the Garden.

25 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Cool

  1. Gardener Garters, hmmmmm, not one I’ll have in my garden!! But oh so pretty.


  2. krispeterson100

    Perhaps your pretty arrangement was the little spell that brought your temperatures down. I’ll have to try that when our temperatures soar. We’ve been lucky to have our usual “June Gloom” (aka our coastal marine layer) keeping thing cool the last couple of weeks.

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  3. That does indeed look cool, and the white pebbles as well as the black of the flue with the ‘snowflakes’ really helps with that. And I agree that the grass suggests the movement of a breeze passing through. Thanks for sharing it, Sandra

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  4. That does feel lovely and cool! We have some of that grass I think. It grows anywhere. πŸ™‚

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  5. What a lovely tranquil arrangement! “Wim-wams” is such a fun name.

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  6. Is Gardenerβ€˜s Gaiters a type of Carex? A lovely arrangement. The pebbles make it even more summery. πŸ˜‰

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  7. We’re supposed to have two weeks of super hot weather here. Do you suppose your lovely vase could come cool things down here?
    A lovely trio to brighten your room.

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  8. An inspired arrangement…love the decs on the chimney flue.

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  9. A beautiful arrangement.

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  10. What wonderful names they have 😊

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