Textile Book

My eldest Granddaughter, Miss E has just had a birthday, and I was thrilled to be able to give her this book – I have been making it for ages.

The fabric I have used for the cover is from 1946. My mother-in-law used that fabric to make a cot mattress cover for her baby son (my husband). When my first son was born she gave me the fabric. It felt so precious I never found the courage to cut into it to make anything with it … until now.

Where the desire to make books comes from, I don’t know, I have been on several courses and started quite a few books, but this is the only one I have finished to date.

This book was started during a wonderful few days one-to-one with Frances Pickering in Spring 2016;

then a day’s one-to-one workshop with Kim Edith. in Southampton in 2018. I can highly recommend both workshops. I learnt many things I have yet to put into practice;

and now I am making a Stitchbook with Helen Birmingham,  also highly recommended.

I am not quite sure what it’s all about, but if I discover why, I’ll let you know.

Miss E has been watching this book take shape and she beamed with delight when I gave it to her – I asked her if it was ok for me to share the video and she gave her permission.

I hope you enjoy it .

30 responses to “Textile Book

  1. What a beautiful book. I love the idea for it.

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  2. Oh, my, what a project.
    What a beautiful and heartfelt gift for future generations to treasure.
    Truly inspiring!

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  3. Oh this is beautiful, thank you for sharing the vid, what a precious gift for your grand daughter 😊

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    What a fabulous present!

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  5. Utterly enchanting! Being a nerdy, wordy woman, I love the the written word, but I so enjoyed hearing your voice.

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  6. This is fabulous! What a heirloom you have made here.

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  7. What a work of love. Something for your granddaughter to treasure forever.

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  8. It’s such a sweet book, lovely colours and textures, lots of memories sewn into it. She’s seen it grow, she’s waited patiently, and I’m willing to bet she’ll treasure it enough to keep it for her own one-day little girl…

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  9. I liked the look of those table cloth samples 🙂 I am sure your granddaughter will treasure this.

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    • I hope she will. It did feel a bit weird cutting into the tablecloth but, I never used it as a tablecloth for fear of it getting stained – crazy, then I didn’t really like it any more, so it has sulked in a cupboard for decades.
      It will appear in other things for sure.

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  10. very important to pass down through the generations

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  11. What a wonderful gift to give Sandra. Beautifully made. 😃

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  12. This is so lovely – the cover fabric (and its history) is adorable. Unfortunately, neither my grandmother nor my mother were ‘crafty’ in any way – I’ve no idea where I get it from – as I’d have loved for them to have given me something like this. I’m sure it will be treasured.

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    • How interesting, I wonder where your creativity came from – perhaps a latent talent that never got a chance to shine.
      I do hope the book will be treasured, I gave her a box to keep it in – so fingers crossed.

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  13. What a precious gift for your granddaughter. It is stunning.

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  14. Wow, this is just lovely and I adore the front cover. Well done, a real love token to your granddaughter and your relationship with her.

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