A Bedspread Reborn

Back in February 2015 I made a bedspread for Little Miss M


She loved it but sadly it got too close to something hot and looked like thisIMG_5166

I could not bring myself to throw it away so I folded it up and put it in a bag and forgot about it …. until now. In my new bid to sort out WIPs and UFOs etc I washed it in the machine, dried it and chopped out the damaged bits.


The rest, I have unpicked and rolled into balls. It is making its way into another scrappy blanket. Inspired by Mrs Snail, I just tie the ends together with a reef knot and leave them showing.

Scrap Happy crochet

Little Miss M now has this blanketMandala Madness, crochet blanket

You can see more photos of this Mandala Blanket on my Throws Page.

The pattern is Mandala Madness, by Helen Shrimpton, a free pattern.


Joining Kate and other Happy Scrappers for Scrap Happy Day, the 15th of every month.

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34 responses to “A Bedspread Reborn

  1. Love that you are actually doing something with it. Glad that was the extent of the accident too!

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  2. love the mandala spread and then of course, not love a blanket made with love that came in contact with the wrong substance…but you’ve a good recycled blanket from what could be salvaged

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  3. That is VERY scrap happy Sandra!

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  4. How wonderful you’ve been able to use that first blanket for something brand new, and Miss E wasn’t hurt! Her mandala blanket is fantastic!!! xx

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  5. Great idea, so clever!

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  6. what a scary accident, thank goodness all was o.k. very clever of you to reuse the yarn. The mandala blanket is gorgeous, hope she looks after this one.

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  7. What a beautiful blanket

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  8. You are a wonder, that’s what you are. And, phew, very, very, very good that Little Miss M didn’t get hurt!!!!

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  9. Wow that’s great you reused the blanket, and the mandala is stunning 😊

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    Clever you salvaging what you can from the damaged blanket. And lucky Miss M that you had a replacement for it. They were / are both lovely.

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  11. I’m glad the first blanket is being resurrected. Although her replacement is *wonderful*, that first one must have captured her heart, and it will be lovely to see something new rise from the not-quite ashes. So glad the singed bits didn’t have a scary outcome.

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  12. That looks like a very scary incident! Thank goodness it wasn’t any worse.
    I think she has got another beautiful blanket as a replacement though.

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  13. You must have felt devastated to see it. Was it acrylic? I know wool smolders when set alight not sure about acrylic. Scary and sad. Good that you were able to reuse the yarn.

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    • Yes acrylic – Stylecraft SDK. I wasn’t really too upset after the initial shock – after all, I got to make another blanket and this time Little Miss M was old enough to tell me the colours and design she wanted.

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  14. oh dear on the first blanket!!! as you say, a good job it didn’t start a fire!

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  15. What a terrible thing to happen- hope she takes more care with the new one, and well done on making her a new one and re-using the usable bits. it must have been heart breaking to see that damage.

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