Textile Tuesday Twinchies

Now I am back in the swing of blogging, I thought I would try and make most Tuesdays all about textiles. If you would like to share any of your posts about textiles, past or present, put a link in the Comments, I’d love to see them.twinchie prep

On Friday, I shared a project that I am making with a private group called, Stitched Together, which is a splinter group of the Stitchbook Collective.

A few of you expressed an interest in joining in with a twinchie project. This makes me very happy! I am really interested in working in a collaborative way and seeing what unfolds. So I have created another set of Twinchies for us to do together. Exclusive to Wild Daffodil followers (on WordPress and Instagram).greens, embroidery

This time, I tried to make my squares slightly more uniform, by measuring and marking up the squares on the backsquares for twinchies

I think it worked – well – good enough for me anyway.

squars fo twinchies

In Stitched Together we are working towards an exhibition to raise money for Mental Health charities. Our collaboratively created work will be exhibited and pieces will be sold to raise funds.

fabric collage cut up for twinchie making

So what will we do with this piece made by Wild Daffodil followers?

I could put the finished article up for sale with the proceeds going to Mind, a UK Mental Health charity (the chosen charity of Untangled Threads) but I am happy to hear your suggestions.

How will it work?: Any number up to 15 (+me) can join in. I will post you one or more squares, depending on how many join. If you only want to make one, that’s fine.

We all work on our squares with stitching and embellishments in any form we like.

When done, post them back to me, within 3 months of the initial posting date.  I will put them all together to create a piece of textile art.

I am happy to post to anywhere in the world.


I picked one square to make a start


and will share progress as I go.


This is by no means an example of how yours ‘should’ be done –  just one way to do it in case anyone is completely at a loss. I am hoping for 16 completely differently decorated squares – let your imagination run free.


I am tempted to call us the Wild Twinches, but do you have a better name for the group or the project?

Edit: It is absolutely fine to join in and not mention the project on your blog. So if you blog about something entirely different, but would still like to join in, you are very welcome.


20 responses to “Textile Tuesday Twinchies

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  4. You know I’m up for it! Had nothing to blog about lately so maybe this might be a something. 😄

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  5. I’d love to join in 🙂

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  6. Wild Twinchies is a great name! If my fumble fingers had any twinchie talent—and if I weren’t so busy with my own projects—I’d join in an instant.

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  7. How about the Twinches Wenches…? Not to be sexist about it, obviously a rethink would be needed if a handful of men want to sign up!

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  8. Rustic Pumpkin

    Lots of exciting anticipation then? I won’t join it, I seem to have all the time to do things but am at a creative impasse right now.

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  9. I just thought though…are you expecting us to blog about it as I’m not posting at the moment? If I don’t fit the criteria I’m happy to pass to someone else 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, not at all. Of course it’s absolutely fine if anyone wants to blog about it, but it is not necessary to do so. I really want this to be as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible. Thanks for asking the question. I will put an edit in the post. 🙂 ❤

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  10. What a fabulous idea ❤ I would love to join in too please.
    Tracey xx

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  11. Then we can be wild twinchettes. Love to join in please.

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