Textile Tuesday: Wild Twinches

Yes, I’m going with that name for this project as a working title.

wip twinchie

I have made a start on my square. I might add some beads and French Knots, and maybe blanket-stitch the edge, not sure yet. I might take out some or all of the machine stitching.

(The camera never seems to capture blues correctly, the embroidery threads are darker in the middle, getting lighter towards the outside.)

fabric collage cut up for twinchie making

So far there are 6 people interested in joining in with this project, 3 blog followers: Cathy, Margaret , Amanda and Tracey.

And two Instagram followers: Lindy and Sue

❤  Thank you everyone!  ❤

That makes 7 altogether including me. If we had one more person we could do two squares each – anyone?

If not, the 7 of us will do one, two or 3 squares each

You do not have to be a blogger, you do not have to mention this on your blog, if you blog about something completely different you are still welcome to join in. I will post to anywhere in the world.

If you are one of the 6 Wild Twinchers, please go to the Contact Me page and send me an email with your postal address and I will send you the randomly selected square(s).

Please let me know if you would like to make one, two or three squares.

You will have up to 3 months to complete it/them and send back to me.

After that, I will create a piece of textile art bringing them all together.

You do not have to stick to the colours of the fabrics and you can take the square anywhere your imagination leads you, using any technique you like – it will be fun seeing what comes back to me and an exciting challenge to see what I can do with them.

Of course, I will post progress and when the project is complete I hope it will be clear what to do with the piece. If there is a local exhibition it could go in, I might exhibit it.  Or maybe we keep it amongst ourselves and see if any of the Wild Daffodil followers would like to buy the finished piece,  with proceeds going to a Mental Health charity. I am open to suggestions.

Eeek! I am more than a little bit excited to see what happens!


22 responses to “Textile Tuesday: Wild Twinches

  1. My lack of reading over the summer meant I missed this when you first posted and I’ve arrived here now via Dawn. What a shame, I would have loved to join in. Looking forward to seeing the finished artwork.

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  4. If you are really, really stuck I will help out, but only if at least two really apply!

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  5. Great name! Could be the title of a children’s book. Fabulous blue, even if the capture didn’t capture it exactly the way it should.

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  6. I’m with Rainbow junkie. If you don’t mind a total novice having a poke, send me a couple. I can use them as mini samplers 🙂 will message you my address.

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  7. If it is just embroidery and adding stuff, I could manage that as long as it doesn’t have to be perfect. Only problem would be choosing what to do. Too many ideas. So I am happy to join in.

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