In a Vase on Monday: Altered Art

In a Vase on Monday, altered art, pink dandelions, figs

In my vase today is a posy of Pink Dandelions, thank you so much for the seeds Cathy, they are such gems! And twigs of snowberry bush, well that’s what I called it as a child, don’t know its proper name.

These were picked to accompany a card and three figs from my fig tree, for a dear friend, for her birthday. I also gave her a book, ‘Waterlog’ by Roger Deakin, which I forgot to take a photo of. She loves swimming, in fact she was a swimming teacher and taught all my children to swim.

She is an artist and I absolutely love her sketches and paintings, but she often struggles to like them herself. She tore up one of her paint sketches and gave me a piece folded over into a card for my birthday in November, I tore it on the fold line and did some stitching to make a card for her.

Then I took some of the paper I coloured with Koh-i-Noor, watercolours,

looking for colours that would make a good background

choosing background

I chose this one

Koi - nor inks

staining papaer with inks

I was a bit apprehensive to see what J’s reaction would be to what I did to her painting

altered art

It took her a little while to realise it was one of her painitngs. I think she liked it.

Do you have any blooms to pop in a Vase this Monday?

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.


30 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Altered Art

  1. What a lovely way to help her see her art in a new way! Your figs look quite amazing! I have a reblooming iris in a vase today, the stalk broke off in a recent storm.

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  2. What a wonderful group of birthday presents! Looked up “Waterlog” by Roger Deakin. At first I thought it was written by the great cinematographer Roger Deakins. Not the same person, of course, but a very auspicious name, with or without the “s”. Book sounds so good. I will be putting it on my tottering TBR pile.The flowers are so lovely, and I really like the stitching on the card. Reminds me of bird tracks.

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  3. What a touching idea, to revitalise the painting and return it to the painter. I wonder if she will be able to look at in a new light and perhaps realise that it is not the painting that fails to satisfy but the painter is somehow unwilling to be satisfied. I am thrilled these pink ‘dandelions’ have given you so much pleasure and am amazed at how you keep finding different ways to display them – I don’t think I ever did a vase that focussed specifically on them but I can see that I need to! These look wonderful with the symphocarpus (or devil’s plant as I call it!)! We took our massive fig out last year, but reading this now I am wondering whether to get another one to keep in a pot, as a ‘nod’ to the departed one..

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    • I am hoping that my friend can see her art in a new light as you suggest. It is sometimes hard for me to witness her struggles, when I really like what she paints.
      Thank you for giving me the proper name of the shrub. I guess you are not keen on it! Mine has seeped through the the fence from next door’s garden , so maybe that is why you don’t like it – invasive!
      I am thinking of getting another fig tree to grow in a pot as mine is getting very big, so I guess the roots have broken through the restrictions underground. I am going to cut it right back and see if it survives.


  4. Oh the card looks so lovely! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  5. I absolutely love how you reinvented her painting and card! The stitching is a great addition and you chose just the right colors! I just plucked our second fig off our tree today, perfectly sweet, and I am really admiring my plumeria that graced us with blooms for the first time this year!

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    • Thank you, it was fun to do stitching inspired by what was already there in paint.
      I had to look up ‘plumeria’, what a beautiful plant, it must be thrilling to have it in flower.


  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow figs from your own tree. Nothing in ours this year it hasn’t been warm enough. Love card and vase too

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  7. Lovely to see those dandelions again. Your imagination and creativity is enviable Sandra. Such a pretty card. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Must be wonderful to have your own figs!

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  8. No fig trees or gardens here, and no store bought flowers since lock down. So your post, and similar, are my much appreciated flowers. But *pink* daisies? Really??! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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  9. Figs from your garden. How wonderful!

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    The card is beautiful and so creative! I too envy you your figs – my tree is barren this year.

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  11. Our fig tree is laden with fruit but I struggle to get them to ripen. The only flowers I cut from our garden are the sweet peas which have been wonderful this year. Their scent fills the house. Will definitely start the seeds in autumn and overwinter in u heated greenhouse again . They have flowered their little hearts out and the more you cut the more you get!

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  12. Love what you did with the card. I impressed with the figs.

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