Textile Tuesday: Stitchbook progress so far

The year of Stitchbook Collective is nearly over. What a well timed, fabulous course of workshops it has been! Just one more delicious box to come winging its way to me from Yorkshire and Helen Birmingham of Untangled Threads.

Would you like to see progress so far?

Although there is a slight sadness that this project is drawing to a close, there is also excitement going into Year 2!!

There are about 65 of us who are embarking on Year 2 which is in a different format – quarterly instead of monthly. I am very excited about this and it feels so good to continue in the community of supportive stitchers that has built up over the last year.

Helen is also starting a new Year 1, which I highly recommend.


The Workshop boxes are still available from her Shop.

Are you working on any textile related projects at the mo? Leave a link in the comments if you would like to share them with us.

Happy Stitching!

13 responses to “Textile Tuesday: Stitchbook progress so far

  1. I was tempted after I did Helen’s heart project but just know I’d fall off the wagon! Your pages are lovely.

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  2. It’s absolutely fabulous, thanks for sharing. It’s lovely seeing how we all did something different. Just posted my blue wonkie which I’ll post with the others later. Here’s a link to the post.https://avoicethroughstitch.wordpress.com/2020/08/06/blue-wonkies/

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  3. Amazing. I used to collect and chart all my weaving and spinning samples. I am also lucky enough to have three complete issues of Shuttle Craft Guild Handweaver’s Bulletin from the early 1950’s. Each pattern has a woven sample. I need to sell these before my kids chuck them in a dumpster some day.

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  4. Squishy and tactile is right. Such a snappy, creative project. My favorite is the page where the daisy is dropping a couple of petals.

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  5. there are certainly some amazing pages and interesting techniques you’ve collected together by following this workshop! And such a lovely idea to present pages in a cloth book!

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