Scrap Happy: Weaving

It is the last month of The Stitchbook Collective and this month’s box of goodies is all about weaving. handmade loom on old fence wire

Helen has sent us a kit to create a loom on cardboard but, you must know by now, it’s all about rust for me! So what better than some old rusty sheep wire to create my own little loom.

rusty old wire, rustophile

and as if by magic

weaving on wire

it fits perfectly on the Stitchbook page.

slow stitch withe weave

It needs a backing to cushion the spikes of the rusty barbed wire.

As I was doing the weaving with yarn, I wondered whether it would work with just bits of metal woven through linen thread. I have to admit, I am thrilled with this one.

woven wire sculpture

I am not quite sure how to mount it, but I am just enjoying it as is for now.

When Little Miss M (8) saw my weaving she asked if she could have a go, so I made two more looms for our afternoon by the lake.

wire loom and linen thread

We collected reeds and other bits and pieces, and she sat on her paddle board to weaveweaving with reeds

and together we made our diptych entitled ‘An afternoon by the lake’

art with natural objects

I am planning to mount them in a box frame when they have fully dried.

Joining Kate and her merry band of scrappers for Scrap Happy Day

KateGun, TittiHeléneEvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, SandraLindaChrisNancy, Alys, Kerry, Claire, Jean,
Joanne, Jon, HayleyDawn, Gwen, Connie, Bekki, Pauline,
Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera



47 responses to “Scrap Happy: Weaving

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  2. Wow,I love these, they’re so creative, I’ve opened my box but that’s as far as I’ve got , you’re inspiring me to get started with it!

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  3. Definitely a different scrappy ending! I like them all, but the lake ones with little miss are just delightful, especially since when I look at them, I’m not at all sure who made which one! =)

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  4. Those just look amazing! WOW!

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  5. who’d have thought you could have so much fun with rusty wire ^^

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  6. absolutely love your creativity from ditching the cardboard idea – to rusty – weaving what you think will work – and a duo of weavers with the natural materials…

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  7. love the idea of making the loom with wire – and weaving with it. It is so important to get the young ones interested and the diptych is so special.

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  8. You are SO creative … I would never have though to do that with some bits of old fence.

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  9. Oh, what fun!
    Love these weavings, and look forward to further evolutions!

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  10. This post sure made me smile. Wonderful to see multi-generational weaving. And rust. 😉

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  11. Who needs daisy chains! They’re fab 😃

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  12. I like the weaving of wire idea, and how great that the 8-year-old could make one too – casting seeds of creativity far and wide – wonderful!

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  13. Going Batty in Wales

    What a good idea. Love the diptych!

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  14. genius. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping (when I saw them on Insta) that you’d have a whole blog on them.

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  15. I love this – the rusty barbed wire was an inspired touch.

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  16. Oh my goodness- love it. Your stitchbook is going to be lethal!

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  17. You do enjoy some great activities, Sandra – and recordable sound buttons sound like something I could find a use for too…!

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  18. Rustic Pumpkin

    It’s the kind of mischief I got up to and it’s heaps of fun, isn’t it? Lovely to see one in Little Miss M’s hands, it gives an idea of size.

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  19. I really LOVE these. You could mount them on a wooden frame, holding them off it with foam pillars, maybe? And regarding your comment above, how about recordable sound buttons made for greeting cards?
    They’d let you record a short burst and play it back when you press the button for a short (but sweet) immersive experience.

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    • Thank you so much Kate – I was looking for those sound buttons a couple of years ago and drew a complete blank, so I forgot about it – and here you are with a link – you wonderful woman!!!!
      Yes I was wondering about mounting them on something because I like the way the light plays with the shadows they create. Now to see if my framer is open after Lockdown.


      • I’d say if you look on UK eBay websites you’ll find what you need without having to order from the US. Actually, I was thinking for a big piece it’d be fun to have a series of them, each area with a hidden button playing the relevant sound… Yes, OK, I’ll shut up now!

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        • I never want you to stop – you have so many wonderfully encouraging ideas. I wish we lived closer! I really need someone like you to help me to get all this creativity out there in a presentable form.
          I looked on UK sites but it seems all of those gadgets come from somewhere other than UK, probably China.


          • Ok, I’ll keep jabbering on, then! And try I know you can get them in, so maybe it’s the same there.

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            • Thank you Kate – I will keep looking. There is a site called Wish, which is cheap, I ordered something and it took months to arrive, it came from China. I wish they would tell you the country of origin and not promise speedy delivery when that simply doesn’t happen and you start wondering if it will ever arrive at all.
              Maybe Alastair has a more reliable source. I love that these comments have sparked a whole new set of thoughts and ideas. ❤

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  20. Barbed wire, rust and weaving! What more could I wish for 😊 I love these little pieces Sandra. Wonderful!

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