3 mile walk: Hambledon Hill

On Sunday I met my son and his family for a walk and a Pub Lunch, it felt almost normal.

We parked at The Cricketers pub at Shroton, where we had a table booked for 12:30.

The Cricketers a

and set off up on the footpath up towards Hambeldon Hill


under dramatic skies.


Hill Fort

Happily there were a couple of gates, but not really squeaky enough to be very tuneful

and some rusty wires, making line, shape and pattern


Hambledon is one of the 20 Hill Forts in Dorset. I have been to 12, not all of them are on footpaths, but I will see if I can go to a few more, there always such magnificent views from up there.


Hambledon Hill

dil on a hill

Dil on a Hill

Then back down the hill to the Pub garden

IMG_0662for lunchmenu

yorkshire pudding

I am glad I ordered a Child’s portion of Roast Beef – look at the size of that Yorkshire pudding – it was massive – and yummy.

My son was the only one to go for a puddingchocolate cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake!!!!

But Dil and I insisted on trying a spoonful – mmmmm – delicious!

Toblerone Cheesecake


19 responses to “3 mile walk: Hambledon Hill

  1. I haven’t been up there in ages. Weird how you tend to not take much notice of the things in your own back yard!

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  2. That looks like it was a splendid day for all of you!

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  3. Senior portions are often a must or sons who can finish off the too big ones. We had a meal out after a walk a week ago and it was lovely. hoping to do the same this weekend, and choose wisely as the puds look delicious. I love your hill fort, nearly as nice as our Wiltshire one. We hope to visit a white horse this weekend.

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    What a lovely walk and meal. I haven’t had a meal in a pub or restaurant for such a long time! Your picture is making me hungry!

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  5. Nice to see your photos of your ramble in the country and see the short clips of the fine gates a’closing.

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  6. Ha! That old story of ‘oh I couldn’t possibly fit a dessert in’ and then digging in to somebody else’s. 🀣
    If all goes well, I think our nearest hill fort will be Pilsdon Pen. Have you been to that one?

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    • HaHa!!!! Yes that one!

      Pilsdon Pen is very much in my old stamping ground! I lived in walking distance of it for 10 glorious years. Yes, I have been there many times.
      My Great-great-grandmother was born and died in Stoke Abbott, and one of her sons started the pub in that village in the 1800s.
      There are some great pubs in the area – this is all VERY exciting! πŸ™‚

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  7. Oh, what a beautiful walk! I giggled when I read “Dil on a hill.” The food looks absolutely delicious, especially dessert. Must have been absolutely wonderful to do something that felt vaguely normal. Alas, we are not at that point here in the United States.

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    • We are very fortunate that here in the South West we have seen very few cases of C19. Sadly not the same for those in the North West where stricter lockdown rules apply. I don’t plan on going very far for the forseeable future.

      I hope there are improvements for you soon, although from what we see on our News about the US, it looks like there are lots of people with a rather Cavalier attitude to the virus. Scary!

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  8. what a delightful walk, and a well earned dinner. I much prefer to see a Child’s Portion offered off the adult menu rather than nuggets and fish fingers or pizza. Far more civilised, and better for the smaller adult appetite too.

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  9. What a great day out. Lovely views. πŸ˜ƒ Dessert looks amazing. Seeing that risotto on the menu has inspired me for uses for my butternut squash!

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