The view from my window this afternoon – the village 3 miles away had a river running down the street and so did the local town.

But it was all over in about 10 minutes and then sun came out. We are very lucky.

Thinking of all our American friends in Louisiana and surrounding area.

How has it been where you are?


27 responses to “Rain

  1. It was something else wasn’t it! I was just happy the dogs weren’t bothered by it.

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  2. I love rain, thunder and lightning, I could sit for hours by the window looking out. I live in a small village (about 60 people) on a Greek island. Summer came very late this year, now its HOT and humid, hard to crochet so I read my book’s.

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Yep, we have had some showers like that too! Glad sun came out afterwards though.

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  4. I live in the middle of the country. The hurricane hasn’t the power to push rain up this far. It almost has but it hits the wall of heat here and falls apart. I am hoping that some of the rain makes it here. We need it.

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  5. We’ve had rain like that here recently (not so far away really) but not yesterday. Met Office have thunderstorm warning for her today but quite pleasant at the moment.

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  6. It is belting it down here from a grey leaden sky and a howling wind. It is 12C which is about 53F but the Irish Sea was beautiful before the wind really picked up when I had my walk by the sea.

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    I put the dogs leads on this morning and was about to set off for our walk when I realised that a long sleeved T shirt and fleece was not enough so grabbed a quilted gilet as well and was glad I had. Definitely Autumn. I got back in and we had a heavy shower with thunder and downpours forecast again for later.

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  8. I walked to the hairdressers and back in sunshine, then it rained all day with thunder thrown in for sound effects.

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  9. I was on the phone to Mr. Tialys in Bournemouth yesterday afternoon and he was in the midst of such a downpour – with some hail mixed in for good measure – I could hear it over the phone. He was so impressed, he too recorded it on his phone and sent it to me. All this, while i was in meltdown in 30 odd degrees centigrade. However, it seems to have rained overnight here so it’s a bit cooler today. We usually have a big storm at the end of August and, after that, the heat tends to subside as we go into Auturmn.
    Every time, I looked at a house for sale online – I immediately looked at my flood plain list – especially if the house was in Somerset. I’m glad you weren’t affected.

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  10. HOT! But it did rain this morning and today was only 90, so fall is coming.

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  11. That rain was pelting! Quiet and chilly in Maine. Even had the heat on for a bit in the living room.

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