Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket

It’s stash-busting time. How did my stash of yarn get so big?!

To use up some Stylecraft Special DK, I made a baby blanket in one of the most relaxing patterns to crochet –  Attic24’s Neat Ripple .

Neat Ripple, crochet

It was easy to carry around and do in any odd moment – I always have one such project on the go. It lives in the car.pastel rainbows

I used a 4.5mm hook

The final measurement is 40″ x 30″  which is  1m x 85cm

Pastel rainbow baby blanket

Choosing soft colours, with pinks as the starting point, I arranged the colours in rainbow order.

A friend saw the blanket on Instagram and said she thought they look like Unicorn Colours – what do you think?

The colours: Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Wisteria, Clematis, Soft Peach, Candy Floss, Fondant, Shrimp, Blush, Buttermilk, Lincoln, Spearmint, Duck Egg, Spice,  Powder Pink,

The foundation chain was 140 + 3

Most of this blanket was made with two rows for each colour.

The colour order:

Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Wisteria, Clematis, Soft Peach, Candy Floss,

Fondant, Shrimp, Blush, Buttermilk, Lincoln, Spearmint,

Duck Egg, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Wisteria, Clematis, Soft Peach,

Candy Floss, Fondant, one row of Spice and one row of Shrimp,

Buttermilk, Lincoln, Spearmint, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Wisteria,

Powder Pink, Soft Peach, Candy Floss, Fondant, Spice, Buttermilk,

Lincoln, Duck Egg, Spearmint, Sherbert.


Row 1, filling in the ripples: Spearmint

Row 2, in Double Crochet (US) Treble Crochet (UK): Powder Pink

Row 3, in SC (US), DC (UK)

Row 4, shell stitch in Spearmint.

crochet, corner, shell stitch

I did not have a recipient in mind when I started it, but as often happens, someone sees what I am making, says they love it and Ta Dah! it finds it’s home.

A friend saw me making this one and would like to give it to a new baby due to arrive in January. Perfect!


38 responses to “Pastel Rainbow Baby Blanket

  1. that blanket is gorgeous! I love the colors

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    The colours make me think of seaside cottages! I am not sure that I would cope with such a repetitive pattern but can see that for odd moments in the car it would be good – no wondering where you had got to!

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  3. Lovely! Unicorn colours eh? 🤔 😁


  4. ❤️❤️ Ice cream or cotton candy! It is a gorgeous blanket for a lucky little one! I can’t wait to see your next stash buster Sandra!

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  5. Pretty enough to make me wish I could crochet properly!

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  6. This is so beautiful! I want to make one. How tough is the pattern?
    I think it looks like the ice cream of summer too!

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  7. The blanket is gorgeous! Pastel rainbow sounds right 👍

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  8. Absolutely lovely! So glad this blanket has found a little one to cover and keep warm. Unicorn Sorbet is a perfect name.

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  9. Very pretty! I have a bit of a stash of Stylecraft colours but it’s not balanced too many blue and no orange and hardly any red.

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  10. Stripy blankets are a great way of using up stash aren’t they and this is a lovely one and it already has a home to go to! So a win, win, win.

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  11. what a gorgeous combo of delicious colours ^^

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  12. It’s gorgeous, I learnt to crochet to make the Attic 24 ripple blanket 🙂

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  13. that’s gorgeous. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

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  14. Unicorn colours but without the sparkle! Actually, the sparkle comes from all those scrumdidliumptious colours, like a giant sorbet!

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  15. yes I suppose they are “pastel” but to me they are ice cream flavours…pretty colour names for sure.

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