Saturday Saunter

This scene is from a walk I did with a friend and her dogs on Thursday, just over and mile from my house. (click on the photo to see it larger)

We have done the walk many times, but we both just had to stop and soak in the view which seemed particularly beautiful in the September sunshine. We both remarked on how lucky we are and how we never take for granted that we live in a beautiful and relatively safe part of the world.

My heart is with anyone affected by wildfires at the moment, all those in California and  particularly Cee, who has been evacuated from her home.

❤  Stay safe friends wherever you are  ❤

22 responses to “Saturday Saunter

  1. This looks so peaceful

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  2. Going Batty in Wales

    When I walked the dogs this morning it was a clear bright Autumn sort of day and I could see for miles. Like you I hope I never take such blessings for granted and am thankful to live where there is beauty and clean air and we are safe from most things. Thank you for sharing the photo.

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  3. Looks idyllic. We are lucky in Britain to have a relatively safe environment. The wild fires in the US are really scary. Though I think there were a few here further North a while ago that didn’t sound good.

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    • Yes there were some heath fires a couple of years ago up north – and some idiots have set off terribly destructive fires in the forests near me, from badly attended disposable barbeques. But no homes were threatened and they were nothing like the scale of the US and earlier in the year in Oz.

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  4. Glad you enjoyed your walk – I know exactly what you mean about not taking our countryside for granted and during lockdown especially I was reminded of this. Having American blogging friends brings such disasters as these closer to home

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  5. I don’t follow Cee but just nipped over to look what is happening. It must be a terrible thing to have to leave your home to the mercies of the fires and smoke. As you say, lots of reasons to be grateful for those of us who live in more temperate climes.

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  6. Wow so beautiful ❤️

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  7. Must be a lovely walk for you two fortunate peeps!
    I’ve 2 rellies in Northern CA and just last night saw what one’s experiencing down in “the armpit” of the San Francisco-Silicon Valley area (around San Jose). It ain’t great.
    I know Cee will breath a lot better once she’s gotten to her let’s-hope-temporary spot.

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  8. Beautiful, beautiful! And, yes, so heartbreaking about those fires. I have a couple of friends who live in Oregon, and so far, so good for them. But they are on high alert. Best to Cee. I hope the fire misses her home.

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  9. I stumbled upon your posts and when I saw this photo and the one about the giant you saw, I immediately thought: England. Very beautiful and thank you for reminding me not to take beauty and safety for granted.

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  10. Beautiful view. Have a good weekend.

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