Rainbow Blanket for ?

Another stash busting Rainbow Ripple Blanket using Attic24’s Neat Ripple pattern, a 4.5mm hook and the yarn left over from the blanket for Big Bro.

And this one goes to ………

….. and I can’t quite believe I have agreed to this ……

but this one goes to ……..

……… answer next week.    😉

24 responses to “Rainbow Blanket for ?

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  2. everyone else has summed up your vibrant blanket….

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow, beautiful bright. Perfect to brighten any day

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  4. We are doing well. And to answer your question, no creative outlet forr the most part. My niece really wants to learn photography so we’ve talked a little bit and I took her on a “drive by shooting”. Too smokey to get out and walk. We are definitely continue to the lessons when I get home.

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  5. This one just makes me happy!

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  6. Yahoo! What a vibrant blanket. And, I just love a mystery. Will be waiting anxiously to find out who gets that rainbow.

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  7. Not a dog, please…. It’s absolutely fabulous.

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  8. Intrigued! What can be so unexpected about the person who is getting it?
    Big Bro obviously likes big bold colours so different from the pastel rainbow.

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  9. oh my! whoever this is going to is going to be so spoiled! and possibly need to wear their sunglasses, even when snuggling indoors ^^

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  10. that’s such a beautiful pattern.

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