And the Rainbow Blanket goes to ……..


Yes Cathy, you were right!

Liitle Miss M asked for the blanket to be for Pebble and I crumbled!

Pebble arrived yesterday and has settled right in. I am not one to go all gooey over animals in general but ……. I have to admit I’m smitten.

We had a black labrador in the 70s/80s called Dido, this is Dido as a puppy

and later, (circa 1974) curled up with Basil and Rue, our two rescue cats, next to the solid fuel Rayburn in the kitchen, on a very comfortable chair I bought in an auction for £1.

Dido went on to have 8 puppies and by the time of this photo was taken, with my son (then two and a half, now 44) she was heartily fed up with them!

toddler, puppies

The next photo is when Pebble met Little Miss M and Master R for the first time, after school yesterday. She snuggled in and went to sleep just after this photo was taken with two very happy children, beaming from ear to ear.

My daughter sent me a text this morning to say Pebble is very happy with the Rainbow blanket and slept on it last night, and sent this photo, saying that Pebble seems to be a fan of the scrap happy blanket too.

Happy Days ahead!

23 responses to “And the Rainbow Blanket goes to ……..

  1. Awwwwwww 🥰🥰🥰

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  2. Utterly adorable! Couldn’t stop smiling as I looked at the puppy wrapped in a rainbow.

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  3. Happy days indeed. What a sweet puppy.

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  4. Is there anything more adorable than a 6-8 week old puppy? Pebble jus oozes cuddly puppy softness, and the blanket will be well loved by her. I knit a blanket for Max, granted he was past teething, but he has laid on it in the winter for years now. It just fits in his dog bed, so it like sleeping on a wool mattress, he loves it!

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  5. Pebble is absolutely darling, but I’m worried about that gorgeous blanket! She’s a labrador, and she’ll be teething soon, will it really be safe? I would be inclined to put it away and let her have it when she’s grown up a little bit ^^

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Puppies and children are a great combination – they look after each other and wear each other out!

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  7. As one who does go all gooey over most animals, I consider Pebble a very worthy recipient of your beautiful blanket although, as Cathy says, how long it will last is anybody’s guess.

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  8. I forgive you for this as Pebble looks gorgeous- but don’t blame me when it disintigrates into a chewed up rag- speaking from experience and what happened to Coco’s blankets.

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  9. I think all black dogs seem to love brightly coloured backgrounds to be admired against! She’s gorgeous, looks so soft and cuddly with that sweet blunt nose and silky ears.

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  10. She is lovely! Will she be living with you or your daughter and her family? The blanket is absolutely perfect for her! 😃

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