Octogonical: Part 1

I tried hard to resist this Blanket Crochet Along – failed!

Helen Shrimpton’s Octogonical.

My excuse to myself is that I am only going to use yarn I already have:

Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook

Colour Order

Lobelia, Royal, Teal, Lobelia, Bright Pink, Lobelia, Emperor, Lobelia

What can I say – crochet makes me happy, and joining in with other crocheters on the same project is fun.

22 responses to “Octogonical: Part 1

  1. Going Batty in Wales

    What would be the point of doing a blanket you didn’t enjoy working on – unless it was at the request of someone much loved of course! I shall look forward to seeing it grow.

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    • Absolutely! I have to love the project to do it.
      I used to always have a recipient in mind when I started a blanket – nowadays I make things and then a person pops up along the way who would like it. I have far too many Wips on the go already, so I really ‘should not’ be starting this one – but hey!

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  2. Yes, I’ve learned since joining some FB groups that having people doing either the same or a similar challenge / project gives a whole new (and wonderful) dimension to the experience. I bloody love t’interweb 🙂
    This will be interesting to watch (and learn!), thank you for sharing

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  3. But why octogonical, Sandra, when it’s based on a pattern of 6…?

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  4. Wowsers!Fantastic.

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  5. Excellent! I have a project to enjoy watching again!

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  6. Oh, my word! Love the colors.

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  7. This is definitely the year to do what makes you happy! Love the colours – so vibrant 🙂

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  8. it makes you happy, and it’ll make us happy watching progress ^^

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  9. Your colour choice I presume. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

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