Octogonical Part 4

I posted a photo of this blanket-in-the-making on Facebook and someone said that it reminded them of lighting in a night club – I love that!

So this is my night club blanket – haha! two more opposite things brought together is hard to imagine.

Octogonical by Helen Shrimpton is a free pattern. I am making it in Stylecraft Special Double Knit and 4.5mm hook.

I haven’t been posting much on here have I.  A combination of the WordPress format changing which I struggle with; enjoying the ease of posting on Instagram; and sinking deeply into a creative hibernation mode during these strange times.

There is plenty of creativity happening, I just can’t seem to find interesting things to say about it.

How are you doing?


27 responses to “Octogonical Part 4

  1. That certainly is an electric combo!
    No idea what version I use. I’ve had two types which pop up at different times since I came back to WP a year ago. I do know I don’t like the app version on the iPad and go to the full web version instead.

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  2. that is the joy of Insta, innit? And Twit. I love Twit cos it forces me to be less wordy.

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  3. Well, you do realise as soon as normalcy returns – you gotta go night clubbing – don’t forget your new “wrap” …

    I’ve never fathomed out blogging software – I just bumble along…but there are parts of it/WP – I have no much idea about – why do I need a writing block and why can’t I use short cuts on my keyboard to centre things! I have hit/miss with inserting photos too…

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  4. The blues on this look stunning, Sandra, and I can visualise what your Facebook friend means about nightclub lighting. Glad you have found out how to still access the Classic Editor – sounds from your responses as if lots of people are sticking with it! Yes, it’s a little bit of a faff to access it, but it soon becomes a new routine. I did use the block editor for a few posts when WP first stopped me being able to access the old editor my usual way, and it wasn’t actually too difficult to get your head round – whether it really does make a difference to how the blog looks is another matter, as I have no idea!

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  5. I know exactly how you feel – I too am busy making but not writing so much. No one seems to like the new editor in WP! For me, I’ve also got out of the habit of taking photos as I go along, so I come to write a post and then realise I need to stop and take pictures and then I lose momentum. I’m now trying to have my camera handy all the time.
    As for the mandala – it’s wonderful. I now understand your obsession with them as I have just completed my first (small) one. I’m sure it won’t be my last and I will be looking back over yours for pattern inspiration.

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  6. Bright and beautiful! I am still using classic press to post, and I intend to do this as long as I can. Very easy to do, and I will show you how to do it, if you like. Very, very jittery here on election day. Sigh.

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  7. The night club blanket is vivid without being garish, so very cool, Sandra. I’m glad you are well, I was wondering about you the other day.

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  8. I love the nightclub blanket 👌❤️

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  9. You must have a lot of blue! Even better to see it in real life. With WordPress if you start a post save it then go back to it and choose Classic Editor (second option) you get everything as it was before. Or are you feeling you should learn how to do it the new way?

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  10. Lovely colours – vibrant but not garish. Enjoy your hibernation!

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  11. That blue is almost ultraviolet! What a gorgeous construct of saturated colour.

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  12. Ha! I see a night club.
    Is it the new editor you’re struggling with? If so, it’s just a question of knowing which two buttons to press to use the old one.

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    • Yes, thank you Lynn, I did find those two buttons – I keep forgetting how to get there – I find the process clunky compared with how I did it before and it kind of puts me off. It seems I’m easily put off at the moment!

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  13. Lovely! Beautiful color palette! 🙂

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