Baby Blanket in Blues and Greens


baby blanket, Attic24, Cosy Stripe

Another stash busting baby blanket, this time in Attic24’s Cosy Stripe

Stylecraft Special DK and 4.5mm hook

Colour order:

Spearmint, Sherbert, Cypress, Cloud Blue, Duck Egg, Lincoln

Sherbert, Sage, Spearmint, the next colour is from my stash and could be an earlier, lighter version of Sherbert = mystery, Cloud Blue, Meadow,

Duck Egg, Sage, Lincoln, Sherbert, Cloud Blue, Spearmint,

Cypress, Duck Egg, Lincoln, mystery, Sherbert, Meadow, 

Cloud Blue, Storm, Spearmint, Duck Egg, Lincoln, 

Sherbert, Cypress, mystery, Cloud Blue, Meadow, Spearmint, 

Lincoln, Storm, Sherbert, Duck Egg, Sage, Cloud Blue,

Meadow, Spearmint, Lincoln, Sherbert, Storm, Duck Egg,

Sage, Spearmint.

Edging pattern as written by Attic24

The finished blanket measures 40″ x 45″

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

I don’t read fiction very often nowadays but I have loved the BBC’s programme Between the Covers



29 responses to “Baby Blanket in Blues and Greens

  1. Those colours are right up my alley – the design is so pretty too.

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  2. Very creative work Sandra.

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  3. Wonderful color choices, the blanket looks great!

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  4. drop dead gorgeous…thanks for sharing your “produce”

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  5. If I were a baby, this would be my choice, I love this together even more than pastels or sunshine and summer colors”

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  6. A baby blanket- gorgeous- is there a new babe on the way?

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  7. A lovely blanket – well done you!

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  8. So pretty! I can visualize it tucked around a little baby.

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  9. Going Batty in Wales

    Lovely colour combination!

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  10. Cosy and warm, but also minty and fresh 🙂

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  11. Beautiful, such lovely colours together ❤

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