Sammy the Seal, Weymouth

A friend has been staying near the beach in Weymouth this week and we have been been meeting for walks and al fresco lunches.

A favourite place on mine is the The Lookout where it can be a bit breezy but the view is worth it, out to sea and looking over Lodmoor.

Before retirement, I used to work in Weymouth and often,  if I had an appointment with a colleague, rather than meet in a stuffy office somewhere, I would suggest The Lookout. Very few people are there during the week outside school holiday times, so confidential meetings could be had whilst looking out to sea.

Seeing Lodmoor from here made me realise that having lived here all my life, I had never walked around the Nature Reserve, so yesterday I put that right

There seems to be only one path that just goes straight across and you don’t really get to see much for the reeds, although I do get fascinated by the lines and patterns they make

and the reflections in the water

They turn up in my doodles

The path leads to a crossing over the road, then up the steps, over the wall and onto the beach

where every day a digger pulls back the pebbles from the sea. The following photo was taken in October.

Then, back along the beach to have fish and chips at Cafe Oasis.

and later as the sun was beginning to set, a siting of Sammy the Seal.

He has become a local celebrity this year. He appears on Facebook pages, on the News and in the papers. Friends have seen him and even been swimming with him but up until yesterday I had not seen him.

He was not lying in the most photogenic position, and one can’t get too close as there are Marshalls standing near to protect him and people and their dogs.

If you Google ‘Sammy the Seal Weymouth’ you can see loads of You tube clips and all the links to his appearance in the newspapers. In this clip, you also get to see the huge dormant cruise ships that have also been a Lockdown feature of 2020

I chatted to the Marshall and she told me that Sammy has been checked by the Marine Biologists who say he is 2 years old and comes from the colony that lives on Portland (the island you see in the background). He goes back to visit but seems to prefer contact with humans, coming up onto the beach in the early morning and at dusk. Apparently he won’t mate until he is 4 or 5 years old, so I wonder if he will be on or near the beach for the next couple of years.

19 responses to “Sammy the Seal, Weymouth

  1. Interesting day for you at the Lookout – when I look at the abandoned cruise ships they kind of seem to blend in with environment and look like a new “land formation” with a light house on the top of them! Love your photos of the reeds and your doodling…


  2. Lovely to have a local celebrity – especially a non-Diva(ish) one.

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I sometimes walk through the Teifi Marshes reserve between Cardigan and Cilgerran and the firsts section, like yours it is mainly a path through reeds but in the middle the marshes end and the river is much more lively. Then the path is he access road through to the village with woods and fields either side. I have seen deer there. You have reminded me I must take some photos and post them. And get fish and chips which I haven’t had out of the paper in ages!

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  4. Wonderful photos Sandra and shared commentary Great to see the natural areas you have in your locality.

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  5. Beautiful Sammy! One of my favorite childhood stories was “Sammy the Seal”… When evervicwould go to hospital which was a lot, I would always ask for the book. At one time I even had the whole story memorized and could draw the entire book. What a great memory that is.

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  6. Those are splendid wintery photos of the marshes, and how interesting that Sammy has claimed the beach for his domain!

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    • Thank you Kathy. There are humans who prefer animals to people and it seems that this seal prefers humans to his own kind – for now anyway. He seems to choose that part of the beach where the most people are.

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  7. That’s a beautiful place, and lovely photos. So good to see some blue sky which is in short supply here. Great you can eat outdoors too, as long as it isn’t too cold.

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  8. Beautiful, beautiful place! Interesting about Sammy and his preference for the beach. Also guarded? I can’t envision that happening Maine.

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    • I think it must be the Brits love of animals on display – the Marshall told me that there are a whole team of volunteers with a WhatsApp group who keep each other informed. As soon as there is a sighting of Sammy on the beach a Marshall goes to watch over him so that he does not get harmed by dogs, and vice versa and people do not bump into him by mistake as he looks rather like a rock on the beach. His bite could be fierce apparently.

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  9. what a gorgeous view. We are so fortunate down here in the south west. Thanks for sharing

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