Yesterday magic.

Just after walking under blackening skies

and being drenched with icy rain and pelted with hailstones

the sun came out

and created magic.

The first photo was taken by my lovely walking friend – and that’s J in the last photo. Such happy memories of a multitude of walks over the years – and this one was right up there in the top 10!

As is this one back in July 2019

❀ Have you found some magic this week? ❀

36 responses to “Rainbows!

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  2. Yes Sandra, its called Boris the cloud.


  3. Wow! Just seeing them must have been magical, but to have photographed them to share with others is fantastic 😊

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  4. Pretty amazing photos Sandra. I didn’t know the sun was that bright in England!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Not just one rainbow but a sister (double) that is magic … no rainbows here of late, just cloudy and humid or bright and sunny. Catherine in NZ…

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  6. I just love a good rainbow, a double one is a bonus, I caught a glimpse during the week, and can share in with your delight.

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  7. Rainbows are such a promise!

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  8. What beautiful rainbows. Always special to see a full arc.

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Wow, Wow and WOW again. Totally utterly magic

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  10. I had a rainbow too, a week ago. I was waiting for a message, and I got one….

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    • How beautiful – I’m so glad for you Kate – feels so deeply important doesn’t it.

      Soon after my Dad died, I was walking in one of the fields he had farmed – I was thinking of him and a great big bumble bee came and buzzed around me – I was right out in the middle of a field of grass – no flowers to be seen and I felt as if it was my Dad sending a message of closeness or remembrance, or something like that.
      Ever since then bumble bees have reminded me of him.


  11. what magical photos !!!!

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  12. Going Batty in Wales

    Those are fabulous photos! We have had some lovely rainbows but like Mr Tialys I never have my phone with me when I see them. I am so glad you ended the year on a high.

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  13. Absolutely fantastic. What great photos – especially the last one.
    Mr. Tialys was walking the dogs the other day and, when he looked back over the field at our house, a rainbow had appeared and framed it beautifully. I was so miffed that he hadn’t taken his phone with him so that he could take a photo – especially now I’ve seen your lovely ones. 🌈

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  14. thank you for sharing. that’s beautiful. So rare to see a full rainbow, and to get a double? Magic.

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