Beach Walks

On my retreat I got up each morning eager to see the sunrise,

hoping to catch that moment when the sun just peeps above the clouds.

After some crochet, and timed according to the tides, I went for a walk to one of the two little beaches nearby.

When the sea was calm, there was a heron


but I was looking for rusty bits and seaglass

On the whole the weather was good

with the low sun adding beauty the the hedgerows.

Looking back from the path, if you zoom in, you can see my caravan perched above the beach.

So back to my cosy nest for some more crochet

This is what two weeks of mosaic crochet looks like – in Stylecraft Special Aran and 5mm hook. The pattern is Santa Cruz by Daisy Knots.

Then out for another walk to catch the sun setting

I wonder where I will go for Christmas 2022.

If you could go anywhere in the world for two weeks on your own, where would you go?


62 responses to “Beach Walks

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  2. A beautiful spot to get away from it all. I love your crochet work, Sandra, I was surprised that it wasn’t woven on a loom!

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  3. Glorious photo again, Sandra. Two weeks for me? Really not sure. Perhaps a cottage on an estate (in the UK) with glorious gardens, a woodland, a stream (preferably in a rocky valley) and no other visitors…

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  4. Great photos of the sun rise and set experiences. A very peaceful looking choice for your retreat Sandra.

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  5. Beautiful. So calming and peaceful. If I could go somewhere for 2 weeks alone it would be Blakeney or Cley in North Norfolk… also on the coast with wonderful big skies and stretches of sand, shingle and marsh for long seaside walks. πŸ˜ƒ

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  6. Just about perfect. 😊

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  7. Beautiful crochet! Learning that technique is on my “someday” list.

    I so enjoyed reading all the comments about where people would go for two weeks — I feel like I have had several mini-vacations just from reading the comments! πŸ™‚

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  8. Sunset on the beach is such a stunning view!

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  9. Going Batty in Wales

    I would probably stay here but if required to go elsewhere it would be a cottage on the Wales coast path which I want to walk someday. It would have to let me have my dogs with me, a good shop or farmers market within walking distance and a decent kitchen plus a pub for when I don’t feel like cooking! Oh and a really comfy bed and a woodstove to sit by.

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  10. Recently I’ve been following Tread The Globe – – 2 Brits who have chosen to stay in Turkey and not return to the UK – the stunning places they have been, and even the carpark in Istanbul that had them trapped for 95 days was interesting. And when they could travel, the places they travelled to, their attempts at Turkish and using the Google translator when necessary, finding people interested in helping them, amazing but then Marianne has the personality, and Chris has the camera/editing skills…I think I want to visit some of the coastline they have been too…

    Of course, I’d have to have a passport and even want to hop a plane to Europe. But I can imagine me retreating in some of quaint towns on a coast some place else. I would need more than TWO weeks though πŸ™‚

    Love your photos and the crochet piece is coming along nicely…keep enjoying your retreat.

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    • Oooo thank you for the link, I will check it out, sounds interesting.
      I have been to Turkey twice – once with my children and friends and once with 3 girl friends, when we travelled around in a hire car. A fascinating country.
      I am home again now – in another kind of retreat – Lockdown! πŸ™‚
      Thank goodness for crochet and online communications.

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  11. What a lovely trip this was! If I could go anywhere, I would choose a cozy cabin in the mountains with a lake, wildlife to watch, and NO mosquitos!

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  12. I think I might go to somewhere along a British coast – no idea which one. I’d like a small cottage/croft with a warm fire & a friendly cat or two, in walking distance of someplace with a not-too-posh menu and a friendly grocer. Quiet — Safe — Friendly!

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  13. Fantastic photos! I was especially taken by the sea glass on the rust. As for where I would go…being a committed homebody, I would stay in my own snug, cluttered home because for me home is best. But New York City, where eldest daughter lives, is pretty awesome, too. πŸ˜‰ How I love that city of extremes.

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  14. Lovely photos. It feels like it was a very calm place to be.

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  15. That’s quite a haul of sea glass! You saw my heart piece I found on Whitesands, probably the least sea glass kind of beach ever?

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  16. For two weeks at Christmas, I’d love to visit Amsterdam. I’ve never been to Europe, but that city, all lit up, screams Christmas to me.

    For two weeks at a warmer time of the year, I would go to Awenda Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It is on Georgian Bay on the Great Lakes and the views are amazing!

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  17. I would go to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, Smoky Cape Lighthouse, South West Rocks, New South Wales. It’s a b&b, and stands below the lighthouse (now automated) on a narrow cape with sea on either side. In the migration season, you can watch the Southern Right Wales passing on their way south, leaping and spouting. The view is immense, you are high, high above the water, and there’s nothing between you and New Zealand except sea and sky. It washes the soul clean. I wrote a bit about it in this post: (

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  18. Beautiful walk and the crochet looks amazing. For two weeks on my own I would love a view and somewhere safe to walk in nature.

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  19. I have never been outside the US, but would love to go sometimes. Beautiful photos.
    Love your crocheting.

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  20. Ooh, what treasures you found and made.
    I never want to see an airport again so my lone trip would have to be somewhere in the U.K. now or maybe Ireland, one week in Dublin in a nice hotel and one week in a rural cottage would do me but not during lockdown.

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  21. Looks like a wonderful place to walk- love the sandcastles- did you make them? Wow that crochet is amazing- what are you making?
    As to where I’d go I’ve always fancied the Scottish isles, never having been, or maybe hiring a camper van and hitting the road, in Wales or Scotland.

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    • I didn’t make the sandcastles – there was a family with a toddler and a baby, but I could see that the Mum and Dad were much more interested in making sandcastles than the children. The little boy only wanted to paddle.

      Crochet – this will be a blanket or throw for my nephew, who has just bought his first home – he is the one who co-wrote a song for me when he was on the Mongol Rally, he is on the right in the video:

      Scottish Isles – nice! I have been to Skye but no others – majestic scenery!
      Hitting the road in a camper van sounds very freeing – my son and family did the NC500 :
      in the October Half term and the photos they sent back were spectacular! They had a fabulous time.
      One of my favourtie books of all time is ‘Sea Room’ by Adam Nicolson (Vita Sackville West’s grandson) you could take a virtual visit with this book.


  22. That looks and sounds like a very enjoyable break Sandra. I would go to the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.

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