Winter Woodland Walk

It has been so wet for so long and some of the woodlands near me are looking particularly lush and mossy – elves and fairies peeping out from behind every tree and fern.

To give everyone in my daughter’s family a much needed break from the rigours of home learning, I have taken two of my grandchildren out for a ‘keep-your-distance-walk’ a few times.

Little Miss M and Master R love to draw and grasp every opportunity, so when they found some chalk on the ground ….

This is one of the cyber characters that inhabit Master R’s imagination

and then – throwing the chalk at the tree to make marks was a good game too – who could make the highest mark, how far away could they stand and still hit the tree?

(Yes I did knit the bobble hat πŸ™‚ )

And something to melt any Granny’s heart – a card from Little Miss M

She had made one for both of her Grannies. Awww! ❀

You might remember that Little Miss M and I are walking 500 miles together – You can go to this link to see a wonderful walk we did in March 2019.

We did not add many miles to our total last year (I wonder why?!) but we are both determined to do more this year.

Our total to date is 133.5 miles, only 366.5 to go!

Have you been able to go out for any walks this week?


37 responses to “Winter Woodland Walk

  1. Your woodland looks great, Sandra, and it’s great that Miss and Master enjoyed the walk too 😊 What an amazing picture Master M has produced – and how wonderful to receive a card like that from Little Miss 😊

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    • We are lucky to have woodland walks around our village – not being able to get in a car and take them further afield is demanding quite a bit from this Granny to come up with fun, engaging, socially distanced activities in places we visit often – but we always manage to find something to do.
      Master R draws a whole world of characters like that, each element has a meaning he enjoys explaining:
      Lockdown = creativity times 2 in this family! πŸ™‚


      • There are little bits of woodland near us, but we would have to get in the car for a ‘proper’ one. At 3 and 2 my Thursday charges are not yet showing any particular talents, but I am hopeful the 3 year old will have an interest in the garden and will try and make time to sow some seeds with her soon


  2. A beautiful collection Sandra, photos, art and story.

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  3. Yes, I would love to find your fairies in that woodland scene…and take a walk with you, as long as you include chalk.

    Somehow all my daily walks have been curtailed as although I’m much better from all the stupid health issues, I’m still on toddler step mode. However, I managed to find a way to get back to making because standing wasn’t truly helping…

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  4. Lovely moss, which is something we see a teensy bit over here, but nothing like your magical grotto! You need to start thinking about a super granny cape . . . πŸ˜‰

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  5. That first photo is magical but I’m sure you are just as enchanted with your super granny card, if not more so.

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  6. Lush is right! Very different from our winter scenes, but your woods look far more hospitable to fairies and elves than ours do. Marvelous artwork from your grandchildren. Not surprised in the least.

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  7. Aw! Well done Super Granny. I only really seem to see how mossy the trees are in winter – it amazes me anew each year.

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  8. I love the woodland moss, Super Granny!

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  9. Wow! That’s some moss and some artwork β€œSuper Granny”. Wonderful – keep on walking.

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  10. Thank you for the virtual walk. We are self isolating this weekend so Mr E can have an operation tomorrow, I HATE IT. I need to go outside, the garden’s too soggy, so a big THANK YOU for taking me into the woods- were there any teddy bears having a socially distanced picnic?

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  11. Lovely to see you have been out with your grandchildren and amid so much green too! This past week has been too icy, snowy or slushy to walk anywhere, but hope to get out today in the sunshine! πŸ˜ƒ

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  12. Going Batty in Wales

    I have walked the lanes most days with the dogs but it has been too soggy to go through fields or woods. When it has been icy we have stuck to the garden! I love walking and miss it when I can’t.

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  13. I have been out for several short hobbles with Mouse, but a nice long walk will have to wait till a) the foot is mended and b) the weather’s a bit cooler. At the moment, we’re only managing about a kilometre. I say “we’, but I’m sure Mouse could go further, even if it was at a trudge because he wants to go home and lounge around in the air conditioning, the spoiled hound.

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