Coastal Crochet Crochet-Along

I do love a Crochet Along and Eleonora’s pattern, Picnic on the Beach, intrigued me.

It starts with Tunisian Entrelac, which I have never done before.

Eleonora’s video tutorials are superb!

In Eleonora’s pattern the squares represent red and white Gingham, but ever since my Sunset blanket, made from Attic24’s Dahlia pattern, I have wanted to do another project in sunset colours.

There is one drawback

Yikes! All those ends.

I have sewn them all in, but if I did it again I think I would crochet a plain square  in single crochet (US) to cover them up at the back.

The pattern comes with full photo and video tutorials in both US and UK terms.

Week 1

This is the central square.

Stylecraft Special DK and 4.5mm hook

Colours: Lipstick, Spice, Matador for the small squares.

For the basket weave stitches: Lipstick, Claret and Burgundy.

Week 2

We added waves and I was reminded of the colours over the sea I saw from my Christmas Hideaway

Colours for the waves: Clementine, Pomegranate, Blush, Duck Egg, Dandelion.

My background colour and the colour that will tie the blanket together is Tomato.

Now that the waves have been added, the dark edges of the central square makes me think of a bonfire, so the working title is now

‘Bonfire on the Beach at Sunset’

It gives me a warm glow just thinking about that as I am making it.


29 responses to “Coastal Crochet Crochet-Along

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  2. Great sunsets Sandra and transferred expertly into the crochet.

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  3. I love your choice of colours and the sunset theme. So cosy! 😃 I actually don’t mind sewing in ends as it gives me time to absorb the fact that a much loved project has been completed… there is always a kind of sadness mixed with the joy! I have just finished a bedspread that took several years on and off and used your seahorse pattern for motifs. So thank you again for sharing that!

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    • Oh Cathy, thank you for letting me know about the seahorses. I would love to see the bedspread.
      I am glad to know you worked out how to make them as I get quite a few queries about the pattern.


      • I made the first one straight off, but oddly when I made the second I did get confused probably because of the pictures being in reverse! I will eventually post a photo of the bedspread when appropriate. 🤗

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        • I can see how that might be an issue – as a left-hander I am pretty used to my brain doing somersaults when following patterns 😉
          So glad you managed in the end. I look forward to seeing the bedspread one day. 🙂 ❤

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  4. I enjoy reading your train of thought, Sandra – and it also reminded me of a strawberry patterned cardigan I knitted for The Poppet when she was a baby (yellow dots on red, but the dots were on oddly spaced rows which meant lots of loose ends to sow in…although in hindsight now why didn’t I used 2 separate balls of yellow?!

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  5. Love it! I’ve done entrelac knitting but not crochet. After finishing the Autumn Plaid blanket I’m more than cautious about how many ends are involved. 😬

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  6. I absolutely love your colours Sandra! So looking forward to seeing this grow… 😍😍

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  7. Beautiful and vibrant, just like a sunset!

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  8. I had wondered about trying Tunisian entrelac some time but your photo of all those ends sems like a bit of a cautionary tale? Loved your explanation though of colour choices for you blanket. Going to be lovely when it’s finished.

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  9. Agreed – love yor colour choices, but the back of the piece is quite daunting. Glad you showed it though. I’d be inclined to do as you mention – crochet a covering!

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    I love your choice of colours and the thinking behind them. You are learning stitches I have never heard of – and those ends are putting me off going any further!

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  11. Looking wonderful but those ends are indeed scary.

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  12. Utterly stunning, and a perfect interpretation of all those colours you found in sunsets and holiday skies. Ugh to all those ends though, what a chore!

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    • Thank you Deb, I am loving how this project is bringing back so many happy memories.
      Yes, those ends!
      Someone on the Facebook group has worked out how to carry the yarn across the back, so I might try that on the smaller squares to come.


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