How to quickly access WP Classic Editor

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Oh, wow! Hello Classic Editor, I have missed you much!

Massive thanks to Wild Daffodil who showed me how to access the classic editor in WordPress without having to jump through hoops.

Basically, you go to your dashboard, go to Posts, click the drop down arrow next to Posts Add New, and then choose Classic Editor.

They’re threatening to remove Classic Editor completely, so the more who complain about it, the more likely we’ll get to keep it.

If you use the free WP, you can use the support forum here. If you use the paid-for WP, you can access support here.

If you hate block editor as much as I do, LET THEM KNOW. If block editor means you are less likely to use WP, LET THEM KNOW. If blogging with WP used to be a dream and now it is a nightmare, LET THEM KNOW.


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8 responses to “How to quickly access WP Classic Editor

  1. Thanks for reblogging. I’ve edited the original now to include the following, as some users were not seeing the same options that we are:

    EDITED TO ADD: If you’re not getting the same screen that I am, try putting this in your browser bar:


  2. Oh, WordPress! This week, I had a problem that was even worse than Block Editor, if you can imagine it. The WordPress imps invaded my machine and ticked off the box that said no email notices allowed for new WordPress posts from blogging friends. That box wasn’t the only thing that was ticked off. I follow a lot of blogs plus have a busy day of working on other writing projects. Having notices delivered to my email is a quick and efficient way for me to keep up. Fortunately, my computer geek husband helped me figure out how to fix the problem, and today’s post explains how to take care of this issue should you have it. (A couple of blogging friends have indicated that this has been a problem for them, too. What the heck!)

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