Saturday walk: Hilton and Bulbarrow

For the first time since last Summer, I met up with my son and his family for a glorious walk in the sunshine. There are still frosts every morning and a nip in the wind but the weather was just right for walking.

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We met in Hilton. You can find the walk on the Dorset Life website.

Quite a gentle uphill walk to get to the ridge from where we could see for miles and miles.

It was the first time I had met their 6 month old Border Terrier, Haggis

She is standing by a trough which I had to photograph for Cathy cos I know how much she likes them.

Ahead was our picnic spot.

A shelter made in memory of Mark Batchelor who died aged 32 in 2007.

The boys were intrigued by the little bits of memorabilia left on a shelf in the shelter, and we wrote in the Visitors book.

After lunch we set off again through woodland

Little Bro collected wild garlic and was fascinated by the wood anemones.

Then out across the ridge and down into the valley

There is something so refereshing about being up high and looking out across the county – deep breaths of clear Spring air certainly recharges the batteries.

Heading back to the village – a boy and his dog ran ahead

Once back in the village we said our farewells and then I went to investigate the church

and found this rusty iron headstone – how pretty

If I were to be buried, my daughter suggests ‘Rust in Peace’ as my epitaph!


To my surprise I could enter the church by the side door

And enjoy the peaceful interior

Just as I was leaving I noticed this piece of modern stain glass hanging from the ceiling. I do love to see modern art in churches

On the drive home I passed the rather spendid Milton Abbey, which is now part of a private boarding school

I got home just in time to watch the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

I am ambivalent about the place of Monarchy in our modern society, but there was something about this pared down ceremony to honour a life, on the whole, well-lived, that I felt I wanted to watch, to mark a point in history.

I hope you are having a happy weekend whatever the weather in your corner of the globe. xx

28 responses to “Saturday walk: Hilton and Bulbarrow

  1. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, Sandra – how much you must have looked forward to it. Great epitaph, hopefully not required for many years!

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  2. And a top notch trough it is too. Love the shelter where you had lunch. Wild garlic is just so very pretty. Love that you went in the church.. A walk that I would love.

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    • Yes! Maybe we can do it together one day – you never know. I did think at the time, ‘Cathy would like this walk’.
      For trough connoisseurs – it had an unusual placement of the ball-cock – not sure I have seen one quite like it before.


  3. There’s one thing I miss about England, and that’s the historic walks and public footpaths. Here, they don’t have them. Sure, there are organised trails to walk, nicely maintained and all very tidy and safe, but I miss the narrow tracks, the stiles, the rocky tracks up hill and down dale, and the sense of history. Some of those paths date from the Bronze Age.

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  4. “Rust in Peace” made me smile. So suitable! πŸ™‚ It looks like a lovely walk and so great to be able to do it with family. The church looks interesting too.

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  5. The weather has been glorious really hasn’t it? We could do without the overnight frost though so the seeds can get going. The sheep farmer has had to start delivering feed to the field as the sheep have eaten most of the grass and the new stuff won’t grow due to frosty mornings and no rain.
    Your walk looks lovely and so great that you can at last see all your family (and their dog) again. We had a similar view driving back from the supermarket yesterday but, next weekend, I’m determined to get out and about to do some more extensive walking and exploration of beautiful Dorset.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, still so nippy in the mornings and in that wind!
      You are going to have such fun exploring. I have lived in Dorset all my life and I love that each area has its own unique personality – there is always more to discover. πŸ™‚


  6. Going Batty in Wales

    That looks a lovely walk and I too am enjoying being able to meet up with friends – albeit very cautiously!

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  7. Lovely walk with your family, thanks for taking us along!

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Looks like a lovely walk and how nice for you to be able to meet family again.

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  9. A beautiful walk and even more beautiful to get together with your family. I haven’t seen my children in about a year and half. Sigh. The church was a lovely way to end the walk. “Rust in peace” is perfect!

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  10. So happy for you to be able to meet up safely with your family again!

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