Sunday Saunter

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We heard the cuckoo!


24 responses to “Sunday Saunter

  1. How lucky that you heard a cuckoo in a bluebell wood. Lovely pictures, trees and great clouds too!

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  2. What a massive old tree in the one photo. I can only imagine what it has witnessed!

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  3. What beautiful photos! I also heard a cuckoo a few days ago, and actually saw it too. A first for me! Those bluebells are gorgeous. We don’t get bluebell woods near us, so lovely to see yours. 😃

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  4. How exciting to have heard the cuckoo! We made a small detour from our walk this morning to see bluebells – glorious!

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  5. Beautiful, beautiful! I especially like the curl of the fern in the last picture. When I was in England—many, many years ago—I was thrilled to hear a cuckoo.

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  6. There’s nothing quite like the cuckoo calling. Lovely photos, I do like this time of year

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  7. Look at those lovely bluebells too.

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  8. I would love to wander and meander along that path through the trees and listen to nature…

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  9. Going Batty in Wales

    Lovely pictures! I enjoy watery walks with rivers streams or ponds.

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  10. if I could paint, there are a couple of spots where I’d gladly set down my easel ^^

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  11. Looks like a lovely day for a walk. Cool sunny days do seem better than mid-summer.

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  12. A splendid saunter. I love the unfurling magic going on in the last photo – it looks like a fantasy creature emerging from the undergrowth.

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