Crocheted Mandalas

If you have been following me for a while you know I love to turn a crocheted doily into a decorative hanging by putting it onto a metal hoop. I get the hoops from Glitterwitch and Dannells.

I discovered Zoya Matyushenko’s designs in 2017

So textured, intricate and utterly absorbing to make. This one is called Sol

Made with Scheepjes Sweet Treat, 2ply cotton thread, Colour Bridal White and a 1.25mm hook.

I love the way each round is an adventure. I could have stopped at almost any time for a beautiful piece. But this one would not lie flat. Luckily it worked well stretched on a 30m (12inch) diameter hoop. It might have worked better with a larger hook size.

Recently the idea popped into my head that I would like to see a whole bunch of white mandalas hanging up together.

So for the past few months I have been making more

Sol is the central one on the left hand side.

The largest is 70cm diameter and the two small ones are 20cm diameter.

From top left the patterns are: Mako by Zoya Matyushenko, 2.5mm hook, Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat, 2ply cotton, Bridal White. 35cm (14″) hoop

Calla by Zoya Matyushenko, 2.5mm hook, Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat, Snow White, 2ply cotton thread. 50cm

‘A Pleasure’ by Patricia Kristoffersen (free), made with Sirdar 4ply cotton and a 3.25mm hook, 70cm hoop

‘One Mini Mandala’ by Elizabeth Laitila (free) 3mm hook, 20 cm hoop,

then Sol, and below Sol is

another Zoya Matyushenko (ZM) design, Agnes, 2.5mm hook, Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat in Snow White,  on a 50cm (20″) hoop.

Then the 20cm diameter ‘Frozen Lotus’, by Johanna Lindahl, made with 2mm hook

above the 30cm (12″) Frozen Lotus, made with a 2.5mm hook.

Then ‘Bella’ by Olga Mattheis with 3mm hook. This was not the eassiest pattern to follow, but I got there in the end.

I am in awe of the designers of these patterns. It is intrguing to see the design come together.

My fantasy is that these would look good hanging from the ceiling of a wedding venue or a Summer Garden Party marquee. But for now I am enjoying how they twirl in the lightest of breezes and cast beautiful shadows when the light shines through them.


35 responses to “Crocheted Mandalas

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  2. These are stunning! Great job, keep doing it!!♥️♥️

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  3. Really lovely! My Nan taught me the table doilies in the ‘70’s using her aged patterns. I had them for years, no idea where they ended up. It’s lovely to see the ‘doily’ so updated and looking spectacular on the hoops.

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    • My step-grandmother made loads of doilies too both in tatting and crochet.
      When I saw the patterns I really wanted to have a go at making them – then what to do with them …. putting them on hoops has definitely given me the reason/excuse to make more. Where there’s a will and all that!

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  4. Those are very beautiful eye-catchers.

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  5. Wow. These are really beautiful. 😊 😊 😊

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  6. Those are incredible, and you are right, they would be perfect for a wedding! When they are hung up somewhere, be sure to take a picture for us!

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  7. I think you are probably making an art installation. Probably called ‘Snowfall’…

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    They are beautiful and almost ethereal especially hanging together. I wonder if they could go outside? I have a mental image of some hanging in my woodland. My assistant / tenant Laura has hung a very pretty silver and white windchime / dreamcatcher by the stream and it could do with some company!

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  9. Gorgeous, and having made similar things in the past I know just what physical and mental effort went into them.

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    • Thank you Cathy, they do require focus which is why I find them a good thing to do, especially in stressful times. Whilst I am concentrating on these all other whirling thoughts melt away and give me a holiday from myself!!! 🙂


  10. They are so pretty Sandra. There is a lot of work involved so well done! I admire the people who design these patterns too.. 😃

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  11. Murtagh's Meadow

    So delicate and beautiful

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  12. So very lovely! They would be perfect for a wedding or any other kind of celebration. If the wedding were small, or there were many hands crocheting, the guests could each take one home.

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  13. Wow, these are so beautiful! My mom used to crochet but I never picked it up, someday!

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  14. Quite the collection. You have been busy. They are all so delicate.
    Do you have them all hung up together or are they in different rooms? I presume you don’t hang them outside.

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    • No – not outside, although if I can find a suitable tree, I might take them out for a photo shoot. There are mandalas in every room in my house! Some hanging from light fittings, some from beams and some on the wall.

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  15. These are stunning Sandra and I love that they are all white – so elegant. Your fantasy is a good one. Any family weddings on the horizon?

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