In a Bunch on Monday

At last my garden has perked up and has some colour. I hurriedly put this bunch together to take to a friend

The white flowers are perennial stocks, they smell divine! Also cerinthe, quaking grass, purple loosestrife, persicaria and nigella.

This delightful fairy-like plant was in my friend’s garden

Do you know what it is?

Apparently it self seeds well and I will definitely be getting some seed later on

But neither of us know it’s name.

Joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday

30 responses to “In a Bunch on Monday

  1. Beautiful bouquet, but no clue what they are!

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  2. krispeterson100

    I’m glad your “crew” helped you identify the mystery plant. Your little bouquet is charming. I love stock bit they’re so short-lived here that I haven’t even bothered planting any the last few years.

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  3. Your mystery plant isTellima grandiflora and it does indeed seed around a bit! Your bunch of bits is so lovely – so much nicer to have a bunch picked from a garden than shop bought flowers

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  4. Taking flowers to a friend and coming back with a plant, fair exchange, but friendship isn’t only about that.

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  5. A mystery! Hope one of your blogging friends can identify the plant. Lovely to have flowers blooming in the garden, isn’t it? Even my gardens in the woods are looking very nice.

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  6. Your flowers are wonderful. I’ve always loved stock. I can’t seem to get it grow in my garden. The cerinthe is lovely too.

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    I can’t help with identification but the bouquet is lovely!

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  8. Is it a tiarella? very similar to heuchera but leaves less interesting.

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  9. I can’t identify your plant but you have answered a question for me. The lovely, delicate grass with tiny,beetle-like beads I now know to be quaking grass so thank you for that. x

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    • Excellent – glad to be of service!
      We call Quaking Grass ‘Whim Whams’ as that is what my friend (with the garden above) calls them, but I don’t know if that is a common name or not.
      I love it and it has seeded itself with gay abandon in my garden – easy to weed out though.

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      • Plus, according to Wikipedia
        Common name includes quaking-grass, common quaking grass, cow-quake, didder, dithering-grass, dodder-grass, doddering dillies, doddle-grass, earthquakes, jiggle-joggles, jockey-grass, lady’s-hair, maidenhair-grass, pearl grass, quakers, quakers-and-shakers, shaking-grass, tottergrass, wag-wantons
        I’ve got to say – that last one is my favourite.

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  10. Your mystery plant looks a lot like a heuchera. I’d have to Google to be sure as I’ve never seen one lying down and having a rest like yours is doing.

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  11. A beautiful bunch Sandra. Is that plant Heuchera? There are so many different ones. It has such pretty flowers!

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