In a Vase on Monday: Alliums

I have just brought these magnificent Allium seed heads in from the garden as they were all falling over.

The painted canvas is one metre square, it nearly covers the woodburner.

I must get another larger canvas, if I can, so that I can hide the fireplace completely in the summer.

The huge opaque white glass vase is a charity shop buy and this is the first time I have had anything the right size to go in it.

I am joining Cathy for In a Vase on Monday



27 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Alliums

  1. I had to look up alliums. The ones in your vase are really interesting looking and beautiful. I bring home all sorts of wild things when I go walking- I like the unusual looking ones. Like your alliums. We have a species of them here but the ball ( idk what else to call it) is tighter packed. Thanks for sharing this post- I might try to participate 🙂

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  2. Glorious aren’t they. I bought mine in last week too.

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  3. helenmatheyhornbooks

    Wow, thought the alliums were painted too until I scrolled down a bit. Lovely.

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  4. That looks glorious, Sandra, especially with the painted background. My earlier allium did not hang around long but I have Allium ‘Miami’ which flowers later and the seedheads still look good – although perhaps I should cut them before they drop all their seed in the borders!!

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    • I hope to add more alliums for next year – it would be fabulous to extend the season. I will look out for Allium Miami. I bought my bulbs (are they called bulbs when they are alliums?) from the local market and don’t remember their name, but I think they were ‘Giant’ something.


  5. What an excellent way to show them off Sandra! The background colour makes so much difference. I will definitely save my alliums and try something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  6. Lvely. The Allium seed heads look right at home in the glass vase.

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  7. what a pretty bouquet & background ^^

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    I love that turquoise! What a clever idea to hide the stove with a canvas – much nicer than an old fashioned fire screen or looking at it all cold and dead.

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  9. They look lovely – I think we’ve got some somewhere in the garden which I might now bring in.
    Like buttons, there’s rarely the right size vase available no matter how many you have

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  10. Beautiful. I love alliums. It’s been a while since any have grown in my garden. Maybe next year!

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  11. I love the slightly pinkish shade of the allium heads against the turquoise background. I do love a massive vase; until a year ago, I had an enormous white jug which was half a metre high, perfect for tropical blooms like bird of paradise or the enormous red amaryllis that grow in profusion in the back yard. Sadly, being full and heavy one day, it slipped through my hands and landed hard on its base, which promptly cracked 😦

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    • Oh no! What a horrible moment that must have been, when it cracked.
      This vase is 47cms high, so nearly as big as your jug. It must have looked magnificent with tropical blooms in it.
      I was pleased with the colour combo too, it certainly has a presence in the room.


  12. Very artistic looking arrangement. I have one of those in a vase on my coffee table for the same reason as you.

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