Inspired by Japanese Boro

I am a member of The Stitchbook Collective

After our Stitchbooks were finished we had an opportunity to sign up for Year 2, in which we have been given supplies and video tutorials for more projects.

For one reason and another, my life has reduced the amount of crafty projects and blogging I have been doing over the last year or so. I have not been stitching as much as would have liked to.

However when this latest project arrived from Helen, all other things had to be put aside! A group project to use scraps of denim fabric and Boro-like stitching to create squares of simlar sizes, for Helen to stitch together into a wearable Kimon0 that will be raffled in aid of MIND, the mental health charity.

I love all things Japanese, and was lucky enough to go on a textile tour to Japan in 2015 We went to a museum with wonderful Boro displays and ever since I have wanted to create something looking like this, and now here was a fantastic opportunity.

I absolutely loved doing this stitching so free and relaxing.

Helen sent us the scraps of denim and some threads, but we could also include some of our own. On my trip to Japan I had been given this skein of reject weaving thread at a weaving house we visited. The thread had been dyed by the same process as in this post

I really enjoyed using some thread from Japan in this project, even though it is hard to detect, I know it is there.

I will certainly be buying a Raffle ticket when they go on sale in November.

We are all hoping that the Knitting and Stitching Show will go ahead this year and our Stichbooks and the Kimono will be on display.

Joining in with Kate and her Happy Scrappers for Scrap Happy Day.


49 responses to “Inspired by Japanese Boro

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  2. These are wonderful Sandra, and you you should be really chuffed with yourself πŸ‘

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  3. Very cool fiber art, Sandra. You are a woman of many talents! πŸ™‚

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  4. I love how the original scraps are randomly stitched on to what looks like burlap and then you additional stitching just makes it feel as one, and so much depth is added…

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  5. I have it when new posts appear lower down the list because I often don’t look below if I have read the top one. So I might have missed this. So much stitching! But very impressive. Look forward to seeing the finished kimono.

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  6. Love a bit of Boro! πŸ˜ƒ

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  7. Mrs. Gumboots

    Hello- I found your blog just kind of looking around for blogs to follow. I love your work! Very pretty! I live in rural Japan- you would love some of the quaint fabric shops here! I’m just starting to get into sashiko and boro. My sister in law gave me a pile of old kimonos that I’m going to cut up and use for projects. Happy stitching!

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  8. Love your stitching!

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  9. I love the colors, the multiple directions of all the stitch lines, and the textures! I really want to pet them….

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  10. fabulous embroidery, and fingers crossed the show takes place!

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  11. What a wonderful idea, and project. Beautiful in its simplicity.

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  12. love your boro squares, so bright and beautiful. Wonderful idea to share the work in a kimono size project, hope it makes a lot of money. Please show us the finished kimono when it is done. Thank you for the link to your visit to the Amuse museum. I have been several times and was sad when it closed, a very special place.

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  13. So beautiful – I love that you used scraps and scraps of scraps, and leftovers what a special piece the completed Kimono will be!

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  14. This is amazing! Beautiful!

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  15. Those squares are pure art! Fabulous colour and texture.

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  16. Oooh, lovely. I bet the kimono is going to be amazing (and I too will happily buy a raffle ticket).

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  17. It never ceases to awe me the difference quality embroidery makes to something. Those are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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  18. Those squares look fabulous Sandra – I might not have been able to part with them but what a fabulous project to be a part of. I’ve never attempted Boro but did offer to have a go at it on the worn crotch of Mr. T.’s jeans – he didn’t seem keen.

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  19. Going Batty in Wales

    I have found boro stitching very relaxing too. Keeps the hands busy and the mind free to wander or rest. I have a pattern in abook for a kimono but have never tried wearing one. Maybe….

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  20. It looks lovely. I was wondering did you get to keep a piece of biro for yourself? It’s been disappointing not to see the year two pieces on the Facebook page. I hope you have a great time at the show and hope for lots of pictures, as I don’t think I will be able to go.

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    • I didn’t keep a square, but hope to make some more for myself from my scraps. Not sure what to make – maybe a Tote Bag. I don’t think I would have the patience to make a kimono – the stitching took ages. This is the first bit of Year 2 work I have done! I have booked an Air BnB for Harrogate, but I don’t think the tickets are on sale yet. Must look again. I will be sure to take loads of photos if I get there.


  21. You have no idea how much your post has inspired me. I love your stitching!

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