Doodles and what to do with them.

This is a page out of a sketch pad that sits in my back pack in the car. I tore it out and folded it in half to make a quick little card to go with a gift.

Drawing these crossing leaves/fronds is a beautifully mindless relaxing doodle to create. It might be obvious how this develops, but in case it isn’t – here it is, step-by-step.

I start with a line – not much thought goes into it

adding more lines whilst thinking of branches

and then joining them together – as you can see I don’t feel the need to be exact – little mistakes don’t matter

The bit I like most is drawing these wiggly fronds to go under ones already drawn.

I can drift off into a reverie whilst drawing these, so absorbing.

And then the colouring in …

and adding a few spirals and dotty flowers to the background, ready to tear out and

make another little card.

Not great art, but very enjoyable to do in odd moments.

25 responses to “Doodles and what to do with them.

  1. Nice 😊

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  2. Your blog is interesting … Congratulations 👍👍

    ALOZADE A. ( painter)


  3. You make it look so easy, Sandra – and it’s so much more attractive than my doodling! I promise I will give it a try…

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  4. Nice zone out doodle.

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  5. Looks like great art to me!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow


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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    That is a brilliant idea! Lucky recipient.

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  8. My drawing is so bad I bet I couldn’t even produce a doodle that was anywhere near as good as that one.

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  9. what a creative way to pass the time ^^

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  10. It’s even relaxing to look at! Beautiful.

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  11. That is lovely, and what a great card. It reminds me of a bookmark my Mum made me in her calligraphy class. I think she did a letter in the centre then added the twiddly bits.

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  12. looks totally satisfying to my eye…

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