Green Twinchies

First an apology. Especially to those of you who were enthusiastic about the Green Twinchies and sent me your wonderfully decorated squares.

I have finished the Blue Twinchie collaborative piece and will show you that in another post.

When I turned to these Green Twinchies, they just would not come together in a design that felt right, so I set them aside waiting for inspiration to strike.

Amanda had sent one with a see through ‘window’ and that made me think about making something 3D so that light could filter through.

and because of the earthy colours, I wondered about putting them in a grid and use my bug hotel as an inspiration…… but after several attempts nothing sang to me.

Right now I am part of another collaborative project based on a woodland theme. We are working on hessian, and I am loving it. I have found some old camouflage off cuts in my stash.

Something is stirring and I think I might be going into the woods with the Green Twinchies.

So be assured they have not been forgotten.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about where this might lead, I will be delighted to hear them.


21 responses to “Green Twinchies

  1. Wow! I love this idea! I feel so inspired! Thank you!

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  2. I think it must be because the standard was higher for these than the ones I submitted 🙂 – each one is a little work or art in itself

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  3. Mrs. N in Japan

    I have never seen anything like those before! I love them! I’m always so inspired by the creativity of others!

    I changed my blog address. It’s a long story.

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  4. I want to go into the woods with the Green Twinchies! 😁

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  5. I like the look of the tubes – that you have coloured, then stitched and then semi collaged to them. Of course the twinchies are probably too small, OR are they?

    But finding a theme is always a good place to start “thinking about” as Kate has suggested…

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  6. Reading those comments they could be inclusions in a book about green 😄

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    It will come to you eventually!

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  8. I’m too far away to contribute meaningfully (it’d take 3 weeks for anything to arrive!), but my thoughts are that it would be interesting to look at what the colour green means in different countries. The green of England is very different from the green of Italy, or Africa or Australia….

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