A Vase and An Adventure!

A couple of weeks ago I set off for the North.

I have not travelled any long distance for a couple of years so I was both nervous and excited – I have a tiny 14 year old car – would it carry me safely onto motorways, round scary multi-laned roundabouts and do battle with the juggernauts of the road? My friendly car mechanic gave her a check over and announced her fit to travel…. but was I?

I planned to visit a couple of friends before spending a week in Harrogate for the Knitting and Stitching Show and then popping in to see Nanacathy on the way home.

On Sunday 14th November, after a negative result from a Lateral Flow test I set off to visit Rambling in the Garden Cathy of course I could not go without picking a few things from my garden!

Some pink Hesperantha, eucalyptus, golden privet, garrya elliptica, cotoneaster, a purple salvia, and taking pride of place, right in the centre – and the rose, Hot Princess!

Hot Princess was given to me as a birthday present by Nanacathy in 2018 when I went to visit her in Yorkshire and to attend the Sawdust Heart exhibition.

Hot Princess flowers in early summer, goes very quiet and then blooms again in early October and there has always been a flower from her on my birthday, at the beginning of November. It seemed a wonderful link between three bloggers to pick the last bloom of the season for Rambling in the Gardren Cathy.

I arrived at Cathy’s in sunshine (we had both had a negative lateral flow test that morning) and what a joy it was to meet her and the Golfer!

Of course, first on the agenda was a walk round the garden. It is difficult to descibe the feeling of actually standing in the garden I have seen so many photos of. In a photo you see what is just in front of the camera – but standing in the garden and soaking up the atmosphere and having 360 degrees vision made me tingle with delight!

Atmosphere is what struck me most. Cathy’s garden has the most gorgeous friendly, sort of cosy, atmosphere. Cosy isn’t quite the right word but the garden wraps you in a sense of friendly conversation with quotes and quirky, playful details around each corner.

Cathy enjoys creating brickwork buildings and little follies, all with a purpose and use and of great charm. Never have I seen a more appropriate example of “work is love made visible”, one of my favourite Kahlil Gibran quotes.

Cathy’s creativity is evident and it was fun to see her in her natural habitat. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course I loved all the art and the sculptures in the garden, it is an outdoor gallery and made me think that I would really love to introduce more art into my own garden

there were also plenty of rusty beauties tweaking my rust obsession into life!lots of beautiful autumnal colourand an intriguing hellebore, which I have forgotten the name ofdon’t you just love those leaves.

We had such a wonderful time talking about all the plants and seeing every nook, cranny and coop. I felt honoured to have an exclusive tour with Cathy as my guide – what a treat!

โค โค โคย THANK YOU CATHY!!!! โค โค โค

And then in for a cuppa and slice of yummy homemade cake.

My jam jar of autumnal gleanings and the purple scented iris I took as a gift looked right at home in Cathy’s glorious kitchen.

and I left full of joy and gratitude to Cathy for sharing her enthusiasm, her garden, time and cake with me so generously.

I marvel at this wonderful blogging community – we get to know so much about each other and what we share in common, so the meeting is easy, comfortable and fun. Then, over a cuppa, we discover more and truly enjoy each other’s company.

I left with warmth in my heart and all ready for the next leg of my journey – onwards to Cumbria!

Joining Cathy as she has gone on an adventure of her own today, with her vases, for In a Vase on Monday


34 responses to “A Vase and An Adventure!

  1. What a lovely visit – that garden is full of delights and surprises.

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  2. Oh deary me – I am blushing after reading your heart-warming post and all those comments ๐Ÿ˜˜ It is a real eye-opener reading an objective review of the garden like this, but actually sharing the garden and afternoon with you was enough pleasure in itself and I only wish we had had longer together. Thank you so much for including me in your plans – and Noelle is quite right in praising you for your comprehensive ‘weaving’!

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  3. A lovely arrangement and how nice to see more pictures of Cathy’s fabulous garden. It sounds as if you had a wonderful trip.

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  5. What fun! It’s wonderful that you two kindred spirits got to meet.

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  6. Wonderful!! love to see it all. Your vase is beautifully colorful and I amazed at roses this late. Your perspective on Cathy’s garden is fantastic, thanks I enjoyed seeing all the art in the garden. Happy Monday and safe travels.

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  7. krispeterson100

    What a wonderful trip! Your arrangement for Cathy was beautiful, Sandra – I’m as impressed with the Hesperantha as I am with the rose. Thank you for sharing your photos of Cathy’s garden as well – it’s always fun to see someone’s garden through a different set of eyes.

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  8. Your bunch of flowers for Cathy is really lovelyโ€ฆ. especially the rose! I am so glad you were able to meet up and see her garden. That is something I hope to do in the future too. The art in Cathy’s garden is always inspirational and I also feel I should have more art in my own garden now. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  9. What a wonderful imaginative garden and so great to meet a fellow blogger.

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  10. I’m so pleased I had lunch before delving into your post. I linked into Nanacathy, and enjoyed her post on Lydiard Park which was my go to place almost on a weekly basis, then I get to see parts of Cathy’s garden through your eyes, then I get introduced to Kahil Gibran. I have a tour of your craft and read about “Sandra from Wild Daffodil organised some of us who had participated in the Untangled Threads Stitchbook project { soon to be exhibited at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show}”. What a talented lady you are, and many thanks for weaving in so much to your posts. Oh nice Vase by the way.

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    • Oh Wow! Noelle! I am absolutely delighted to know that you delved fully into the post and found things to enjoy and found links to your own happy memories. Isn’t blogging a treat!
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      โค โค โค


  11. Oooh, those dancing hares!

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  12. The vase is lovely, Sandra. Glad you were able to make the trip to see Cathy’s garden creation. I enjoyed seeing the highlights from your perspective. I’m sure those rusty rabbits brought delight!

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  13. What a fabulous garden, thanks for the visit.

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  14. Going Batty in Wales

    What a lovely visit! That garden looks gorgeous and I think I understand the ‘cosy’ – some gardens just give you a hug! I also know what you mean about more art in the garden – I just have to find the right pieces!

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  15. Beautiful space.

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