When I realised that my route from Cumbria to Harrogate would go through Skipton, I just knew I had to leave enough time to stop off and visit Coopers Cafe.

This Cafe has become a bit of a Mecca for crochet addicts like me, as it is where Lucy of Attic24 used to have her studio and where she still runs crochet groups. The cafe took some finding, but luckily ‘Maps’ on my mobile phone got me there.

Skipton is much bigger than I imagined and as I was walking towards the cafe I saw lots of intriguing independent shops – just love the name of this one

Many towns in the south are looking sad and forlorn with lots of empty shops, but not Skipton, it seemed bustling and thriving.

Just before I got to the cafe, I saw the canal that often features in photos on Lucy’s blog.

And then there I was having a cup of coffee and soaking up the friendly atmosphere of the Cafe.

You know you are Up North when you see signs like this

going upstairs was a real treat

magazine cuttings were pasted all over the walls, which was very nostalgic for me. As  a teenager I covered part of a bedroom wall with magazine cuttings (my mother was furious!) when I married in 1972, we lived in a shabby farm cottage and I covered our bedroom wall with cuttings and loved the freedom of doing it in my own home.

Lucy’s studio

and there is also another room upstairs

in the loo, the collage continues

– I looked up Samantha Bryan and her delightful mixed media pieces.

Each year, in January, Lucy organises a Crochet Along, when thousands of happy hookers from all over the world make the same blanket at the same time, to her design. It creates the most wonderful feeling of communitiy and crochet camaraderie.

I have joined in since 2015 when I made the Cosy Blanket; 2017 I made the Moorland Blanket, but changed the colours to Dorset Hedgerow; 2018 I made the Woodland Blanket, oh I did have fun with this one and added squirrels; in 2019 I made the Sweet Pea blanket and started the ‘Friends of Attic24:Dorset’ group, in October 2019 we were thrilled when Lucy, on a visit to her home town, could join us at Slader’s Yard, West Bay and in 2020 I made a Sunset version of Lucy’s Dahlia Blanket.

I was not at Coopers on the right day to meet Lucy, but I left her a voucher for a coffee from her Dorset fans.

For other blankets I have made in both Lucy’s designs and those of other designers got to my THROWS Page.

Onwards to Harrogate!


21 responses to “Skipton

  1. Skipton’s a great town, I go there regularly for Skipton Stitchers or to meet a friend for coffee, any visit usually ends with a wander round the Fent Shop 🙂

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  2. Helen Mathey-Horn

    What fun to see “Lucy’s” place and what a beautiful job you have done of her patterns.

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  3. THE Canal! I love seeing the colourful boats moored there! A wonderful stop-over for you, and such a thoughtful gift to leave for Lucy’s next visit.
    (May I ask how you get alternate colours for her blankets? Do you get the pak as is, plus your own colours? Or do they sub your choice for the one(s) you don’t want?)
    Thank you for taking us on your field trip!

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  4. You have certainly made some beautiful throws Sandra – my favourites are the mandala type ones in the lighter colours = f I had to choose that is.
    I’ve not done one of Lucy’s crochet alongs but have made her Hydrangea Stripe Blanket which I love and was the perfect T.V. project.

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  5. I am absolutely entranced by your THROWS page. So glad I followed the link.

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    I am enjoying your trip – an expedition by proxy!

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  7. Did you get your nails done in that shop? Expect you meant the other one!! Very exciting to see the scenery which provides the inspiration.

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    • HaHa!!! Whilst I was away I did contemplate going to a nail bar for the first time ever – but I just don’t think I could sit still for that long!
      I would become a very growling shrew 😉


  8. A shame you couldn’t meet Lucy, but it looks like a lovely welcoming place to have a coffee. I had another look at your throws page…. so many gorgeous blankets! I have just started one with leftover Stylecraft DK using Lucy’s wave pattern. I come back to her blog for patterns or inspiration so often. 😃

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  9. How fascinating to visit the town where Lucy lives. Looks like a very individual cafe.

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  10. Thank you for sharing. I have been reading where quilting or crochet or some other art is central to the story. Your post reminded me of them 😊👍

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