Sending love and gratitude to all who visit this tiny corner of Blogland.

Wishing you a bright and twinkly time, now and in the coming year.


22 responses to “Twinkle

  1. What a lovely greeting, Sandra! Hoping for twinkly things in your life too 👍😊 Have been wondering if this was a non-Christmas year for you, and if so where you have been spending it…

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  2. Lovely. Wishing you the same Sandra. xx

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  3. What a drop dead gorgeous twinkly star – Return greetings for the New Year, which is fast approaching. And as someone has said, we look forward to more of your creative crafting
    Cheers Catherine in NZ

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  4. Mrs. N in Japan

    Sending it right back to you! Best wishes for a positive and happy new year!

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  5. Best wishes for you in 2022 from Mallorca!

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    A very happy new year to you too Sandra. Hope there is lots of twinkle.

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  7. Enjoying all your stars, here & on IG ~ thank you, Sandra! Sending you the Happiest of New Years in 2022!

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    What a beautiful star! I hope 2022 has lots of sparkle and twinkle in store for you.

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  9. Thank you! I’m sure your 2022 will be full of beautiful patterns.

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  10. And the same to you.

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