Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show 2021

Phew! Now all that Christmas malarkey is done and dusted, I can tell you more about my fabulous trip to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show 2021.

The photo above is of Helen Birmingham’s Stitchbook Collective gallery Stand. I was honoured and delighted to have been a volunteer helper on the Stand.

The Kimono you can see was being raffled in aid of MIND, a mental health charity and raised over £2,000. The stands to the right of the kimono hold our Stitchbooks there were nearly 100 on display.

We, the members of the inaugural Stitchbook Collective, had started our textile books in 2019, little knowing how important they were to become to us during 2020. You can see details and a video of my book here.

As we neared the end of making our Stitchbooks, I put a message on our Facebook Page asking if there was anyone who would like to work collaboratively on more slow stitching pieces of textile art and 42 members of the Collective said yes! We are a closed group now.

Our aim is to make pieces of textile art to sell or raffle in aid of MIND and other local mental health charities. Our group is called Stitched Together

and Helen very generously invited us to have a table of our work on the stand.

I was there to chat to people about the Stitchbook Collective in general and how our group works in case anyone else was interested in setting up their own group.

That’s me in the face visor and the black T-shirt.

The Stand was very popular and very inspiring to a lot of people.

One of the absolute joys of the day was talking to students about the stitches and techniques. One school have especially asked GCSE students to visit the stand.

and these two girls spent a long time looking at the Stitched Together books and the rest of the stand.

It was such a wonderful event to be part of.

More to come in another post.



22 responses to “Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show 2021

  1. Going Batty in Wales

    That sounds like a win-win, you enjoyed helping on the stand, the people who visited enjoyed the displays and were inspired by them and money was raised for a worthy cause. I wish the sewing lessons I had at school had been more about creativity and less about making clothes from a bought pattern.

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    • I absolutely agree with you.
      I loved needlework as a child but I remember my heart sinking, in my first year at secondary school, when we were asked to make a collarless, sleeveless, shapeless top from a very dull paper pattern as our first assignment. I didn’t get any better! 😦

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, and to hear how interested ‘the public’ were in the stitching projects – and how much you enjoyed it too

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  3. Lovely to see that a show unfolded in these trying times…and enjoyed if a little different “uniform dress code” for everyone

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    • Yes indeed. The show was cancelled in 2020 and I was a bit apprehensive about being there, but everyone entering had to prove that they had had two vaccinations and there were fewer people than usual. I came through unscathed!

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  4. This is fantastic – maybe I should have gone to Harrogate instead!

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  5. What fun! It must have been very enjoyable to be able to talk about the work to people.

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  6. A wonderful collaboration, Sandra!

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  7. Wonderful! What a beautiful kimono.

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  8. Lovely to see your photos, especially the children pouring over the book

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  9. What a lovely experience for you. I so missed not going to Knit and Stitch shows the last couple of years!

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  10. thanks for sharing this.

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