Scrap Happy January

Sewing in ends of pieces of knitting and crochet is not my favourite occupation, but there is something pleasing about the colour mixes in the little piles of off-cuts. I don’t throw them away.

In The Stitchbook Collective, one of the members, Sally-Ann has shown us this ingenius way of forming scraps of yarn into beads. Separate the yarn into little piles and then roll them in your hand a bit – I dampened them a little to get these into spherical shapes but I’m not sure that is necessary

Then take a thread of any sort – it could be embroidery thread, but I used plain cotton.and wrap round the bead, sewing through the centre time and time again from different angles. That’s it!some of the members of the Stitchbook Collective make them very smooth and tight and then embroider on the surface.

At the moment I am very happy with my fluffy scrappy looking beads.

Sally-Ann has made a video of how she makes her beads.

Joining in with Kate and her band of happy scrappers for Scrap Happy January.



21 responses to “Scrap Happy January

  1. These are really beautiful

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  2. Very cute! Just up my street, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. awesome idea…

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    I gave up saving my scraps of yarn but maybe I should have kept them! Those look fun.

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  5. If those yarns were pure wool, you could wash them in hot soapy water in a mesh bag, bang the bag about a bit, then ‘shock’ them in cold water and you’d have more solid, less fluffy beads as an alternative. I love how colourful they are!

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  6. I saw this too, and have been making them from oddments of threads, they work just as well with them. I think they are very clever indeed and yours look really pretty.

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