Mend it Monday

Mrs Snail of The Snail of Happiness runs a regular feature called ‘Mend-it-Monday’. Mrs. Snail is the queen of mending and has all sorts of tips, ideas and gadgets to help her on her mission to use and re-use things as long she can.

She is a constant inspiration to me and is even in the early stages of opening a shop to store all sorts of pre-loved items and tools for mending and re-purposing.

I saw this exhibit at Harrogate and thought it would fit right in on this Mend-it-Monday.

It was laid out on the floor, each detail fascinating.

Mending as art – love it!

11 responses to “Mend it Monday

  1. krispeterson100

    I new kind of collage-making!


  2. I like the individual units/sections more than the piece overall, but fascinating nonetheless.


  3. So bright and colorful! We humans can make art of almost anything. It is one of our qualities.

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  4. Lovely pieces, I used to spend part of every week on school trousers. I may even have a spare patch somewhere!

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    • Ah! The good old days! HaHa – yes with 3 boys you must have needed some time every week. I had two boys and I too often had a pile of trousers waiting for patches. I still get a few clothes to mend from my farming son-in-law.

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  5. That’s gorgeous! A really beautiful way to celebrate holes! If only I didn’t have so many other projects… Sadly, I don’t think this approach will work with the seat of the Husband’s work pants, two of which are waiting for my attention…

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  6. Thank you for the link… I too love the idea of mending as art. The Japanese seem to have a wonderful history in this respect – very inspiring.

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