In a Vase on Monday: January 22

Garrya Elliptica and hesperantha in a Chive pot.

There are still a few hesperantha blooms appearing despite the cold snap we had.

My moss-on-a-plate collection is building. I wonder if the moss will grow on the pebbles.

I had hoped to include some snowdrops, but the ones in my garden are still only in bud, but we saw some in bloom at Stourhead on Saturday.

always an uplifting sight.

More worrisome was seeing a couple of rhododendrons in bloom

Beautiful, but way too soon!

Joining Cathy for In a Vase on Monday, which always includes masses of cheerfully uplifting links to other Vases in the comments.


18 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: January 22

  1. krispeterson100

    I love the Garrya elliptica with the Hesperantha flowers. I planted a Garrya here over 6 years ago and, while it hasn’t died, it’s grown very little and never flowered, which is a great disappointment. I’ve stubbornly refused to dig it up, though. Someday maybe it’ll come through.

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  2. Very nice! Only thing in bloom here is snow. 😉

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  3. ps I used a big terracotta plant saucer for mine

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  4. Your stone face is a wonderful thing – an owl, perhaps? And I now have a moss-on-a-plate too. so thanks for the inspiration 👍 Garrya always reminds me of a very abused specimen at a school I worked in – love the tassels – and your beautiful hesperantha of course! 😊 There are winter flowering rhododendrons, so your fears may not be well-founded – my Christmas Cheer will flower anytime from November to About April

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    • It gives me such a warm buzz to pass on inspiration. I am hoping to have some outside as well – a terracotta saucer sounds perfect, thank you.
      I am delighted to hear about winter-flowering rhodies – Phew! 🙂


  5. I love those tassels on the Garrya. I’ve often admired these, but none yet out on my shrub planted last year.

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  6. Oh, to have Hesperantha flowers in January, how lucky you are! It looks gorgeous with the Garrya which is such a fine wall shrub. Moss may be established on stones by rubbing them with a mix of buttermilk, water and moss and keep the stones in a moist environment. Good luck!

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  7. Was it you who hung an old trainer from a tree and it went mossy? Lovely snowdrops. There were some in the churchyard yesterday.

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  8. The moss bowls are very soothing and I thinky I might try and find a shady corner for some here. 😃 I agree, rhododendrons in flower now are somewaht confused and confusing!

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  9. Your moss collection is fun. I am always trying to get rid of moss between the paving slabs or on the tarmac drive!

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