Friends of Attic24: Dorset

It was a glorious sunny day here last Sunday, just the day for a visit to the seaside

I am a member of a group of crocheters, who live in Dorset and all like and follow Attic24.

Lucy, of Attic24, runs an annual Crochet Along (CAL) and this year the inspiration for her blanket design is harbours.

Lucy used to live near West Bay so our group often meets at West Bay. Just 3 of us on Sunday

We took our blankets down to the harbour for a photo, but it was so packed with people, it was hard to find a place to get a good shot. So we turned to the beach and found an upturned boat

The blanket on the left is following Lucy’s colours. I am going a bit brighter and making a stash-busting blanket for the granddaughter of a friend, Miss P, who loves bright colours.It is such a relaxing pattern to make, I can recommend it for a crochet beginner.


16 responses to “Friends of Attic24: Dorset

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  2. Lovely blankets, and always good to see a bright sunny day at the seaside!
    And not all of the US is going to have such bad weather. As the storm crosses over the Eastern mountain range it will loose a lot of its’ energy. Since the southern coastal states have had 3 days of 60+ temps, the precip won’t be so cold in the South.

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  3. great photos. THank you.

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  4. Lovely colours, and what a beautiful blue skyโ€ฆ.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  5. lol I bet you got some funny looks from people while you were trying to find the perfect spot to lay your blankets ^^

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    Nothing like a day at the seaside with friends! Lovely blankets.

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  7. I love this photo of you three! The blankets are nice too, but the smiles really tell the story!

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  8. Oh so lovely! And that boat is perfect for displaying your bright and beautiful blankets.

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