Mosaic Crochet: Tom’s Blanket

Finished at last!

This Mosaic Blanket for my nephew Tom has been a long time in the making, but I finished it just in time for it to be a house warming present for him as he moves into his new flat this week. The pattern is Santa Cruz by Daisy Knots

I have made it once before for another nephew.

You might remember  I started making this one when I went on a 2 week retreat in December 2020, and this is how it looked after 2 weeks of pretty solid crocheting

I am often asked how long crochet takes and this is very hard to answer. Each pattern has its own timescale and I often crochet whilst doing other things. I also have several projects on the go at all times.

In this case it was a satisfying pattern to make, but required concentration and I made so many mistakes that I spent a long time unpicking and re-doing.

One way to attempt to answer the question of how long does it take is that I timed one row and it took

Another question I am often asked, is ‘do I sell my blankets’.


I love making them as gifts, but just as it feels very uncomfortable to me to time what I make, as so much more than time goes into them – it would be impossible for me to put a price on the blankets and throws.

I had to leave this project for long periods of time during the making of it, to give myself a break.

When I asked Tom what colours he wanted he didn’t know so I offered a choice of Black, Grey, White, Red which would tie in with the colours of his favourite football team or these in  Stylecraft Special Aran: Mustard Gold, Silver, Black, Copper and Cream

He went for this colour combo

There is a lot of Back Loop/Front Loop crochet to make the pattern.

Each row uses a new piece of yarn so each row has two ends that have to be dealt with somehow. This pattern creates a pocket on the edging to house the ends.

I didn’t feel happy with just pulling the yarn through a stitch and leaving it like that, so I tied reef knots in twos along the edge after I had crocheted the edge.

I also made a wider border than the pattern and only crocheted the piece at the back to cover the ends, to go about half way up the border – maybe this was a mistake.

If anyone else has any ideas about how to deal with the masses of ends in mosaic crochet, I’d love to hear them.

The ends inside the pocket did create a bump. In the pattern they are cut to just about an inch long, but I didn’t feel happy about that, so I left mine much longer.

The photos of the finished article were taken at West Dean College

Oh My! what a beautiful place it is. I have recently been on a couple of residential painting courses there and knew that it would be just the right backdrop for the blanket.This was my bedroom! What glorious luxury for a few nights.

And Tom is thrilled with his blanketwell it is very soft and snuggly!



36 responses to “Mosaic Crochet: Tom’s Blanket

  1. Love those colours! Well made. I don’t do/like the selling thing either though I have raffled a few for the rescue and I was happy gifting them for that.

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  2. so beautiful. I guess you could incorporate the ends with fringing, or back up a couple fo stitches, do a Russian join and then add a DC border to cover any areas where you didn’t gauge it exactly.

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    • Thank you Dawn. Russian Joins scare me! I don’t feel I can trust them even though lots of people use them and say they never come undone.

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      • I’ve made my first pair of socks, and as I have 5 mini skeins, I cut them all in half, and RJoined them into two big balls to make sure I had the same amount of wool in each and I thought it owuld be the perfect way to give them a really good test. So far they have been through the machine twice, and no unravelling. Theres a tiny bit poking out from one join as I didn’t trim them back, but I’m leaving it to see just how durable it is really. I do like to do proper QA on all my makes!!

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    Stunning! And I hate ends too!

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  4. Beautiful! I’ve never tried mosaic crochet but I really want to…. Maybe a smaller project to begin!

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  5. It is so lovely Sandra! I haven’t tried mosaic crochet yet, but there are some gorgeous patterns around so I expect I will get round to it one day. 😉 I especially like the colour combination you used. Choosing the right colours for a project is always something I am very nervous about. And you certainly did find the perfect setting for the photos!

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    • Thank you Cathy. I always try to get an input from the person I am making something for about the colours. Then I trawl Pinterest, Ravelry etc for inspiration. It often takes a few samples before we are both happy with the combination, but I do love the process of co-creating a blanket in that way.

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  6. Stunning. It was interesting to look at both blankets in this pattern. Color choices made quite a difference.

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  7. Tom is a very, very lucky boy… and I feel much the same way as you do about selling my quilts. I find I dislike making them for people I don’t know, since I try and put my knowledge about and feeling for them into what I make. Your affection for Tom is very clear, and the work is beautiful!

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  8. WoW that’s absolutely stunning. And yes almost any craft is priceless and time consuming, unless you’ve using a machine and a huge factory!

    I find if I’m going to gift something, I have more fun, feels like I’m not having to rush and it’s a little like meditation. And there is absolutely no deadline…

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  9. My oh my oh my! Absolutely beautiful.

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  10. That is a stunning piece of work, and with a nice masculine touch to it!

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  11. Absolutely wonderful. Lovely masculine choice of colours and pattern.

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  12. Murtagh's Meadow

    Stunning, love colours and pattern. Looks like a lot of work

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  13. Priceless and beautiful 🙂

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  14. Beautiful creation!

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  15. What a wonderful work of love! I too found that it was very easy to make mistakes when trying work a mosaic crochet design. Why I’ve never tried a whole project I suppose. I too tied the ends in pair when working the ‘new yarn each row’ type of mosaic crochet. I left the ends on my sample as a sort of fringe as you can see here towards the bottom of the post.
    I cut them too short but I am not sure it was entirely satisfactory as a finish even if they had been longer.

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