IVAOM: moss on a plate

A Valentines Day present for my daughter and her family.

The big heart shaped stones were found by Little Miss M, in the stream near my house a few years ago, the others have been sitting in my ‘heart-shaped stones’ collection on my bathroom windowsil. The moss and catkins are from my garden.

I am still experimenting with moss-on-a-plate arrangements and when I saw these little stained glass trees on the Not on Amazon (I do not buy from Amazon) page on Facebook ….. well of course I had to get them.

They are made by an independent UK artist, TaylaMadeGlass

This is not an Ad, I like to support small independent businesses, the link is in case you would like to find out more.

I am joining in with Cathy and her hugely enjoyable In a Vase on Monday meme.

Cathy has made a moss-on-a-plate for the garden and that is my next mission.


24 responses to “IVAOM: moss on a plate

  1. Love, Love, Love – such an interesting idea and with the additional “glass trees” even more so…

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  2. I love your moss plates Sandra. I will also try to make one in spring for outdoors. The glass trees are lovely!

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  3. Your moss on a plate arrangements are quite delightful. I too avoid buying on Amazon (largely because of the difficulty of avoiding signing up to Prime) but so many people sell through Amazon these days it is sometimes hard to find some particular item elsewhere.

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  4. krispeterson100

    I love that you’re continuing to work with moss and related materials. They have a primeval quality about them (well, at least those without the stained glass).

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  5. I thought I was lucky to find one heart shaped pebble – but you and Miss M are clearly EXTRA lucky!! Those glass trees are wonderful and a brilliant addition to your moss gardens 👍 I did have a look on the Not on Amazon link but I guess there are new things being posted all the time – although as I am not a Facebook person, I was surprised I could access it. I do look on Etsy periodically for quirky things like this so will have a look there in due course. You are a real inspiration to us, Sandra!

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  6. That is just lovely! Does the moss last indefinitely if you water it?

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  7. This is a lovely idea to expand your moss garden interest to include family treasures. I don’t think the stained glass trees would have caught my attention on their own, but the way you’ve used them has made me a fan.

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    Things our grandchildren make or find to give us are so special aren’t they? And those trees are cute.

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  9. I do like your moss on a plate installations, and I shall be going to see what this artist has to offer. Like you I am happy to hear and to share well found items and ideas. The stones are as good as jewels imbibed with all the memories.

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  10. Love the Valentine’s arrangement with the moss and catkins.

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