In A Vase on Monday: Rust, Moss and Hellebores

Yes – still obsessed with the possibilities of ‘Moss on a Plate’. 🙂

With hellebores, rust and muscari.

Joining Cathy for ‘in a Vase on Monday’.


30 responses to “In A Vase on Monday: Rust, Moss and Hellebores

  1. I might have to try Hellebore on moss – they seem to just shrivel and go limp when I’ve picked them, maybe they just want a moss bed to lie in! I love the whole plate – and the view and the rust/muscaria juxtaposition.

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  2. Donna Donabella

    What a stunning arrangement…the moss is perfect around it all.

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Aren’t hellebores just wonderful – beautiful vase

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  4. krispeterson100

    Hellebores and Muscari fit the mossy theme quite well!

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  5. Going Batty in Wales

    Memo to self – buy muscari bulbs next year! I was looking at moss and lichens on a tree trunk today and they are amazingly varied in shape size and colour but you need to get up cose to appreciate them properly.

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  6. The muscari really makes this one “pop”. Love it.

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  7. That’s brilliant, Sandra – a very pleasing spuddle indeed!! 😁

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  8. The Moss sets off the blooms perfectly. I love the rusty bits too, the whole arrangement is so very you!

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  9. Moss does give a great green background and is that a strawberry plant?

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  10. Love this beautiful concoction. I think your moss gardens are so interesting.

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  11. What a wonderful arrangement!

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