Mothers Day Exhibition

It is Mothers Day here in the UK.

Helen Birmingham of Untangled Threads is having an online Mothers Day exhibition.

There are some very moving pieces in the exhibition and well worth a look.

These are the two pieces of work I entered

‘Why Cross?’

I had a difficult relationship with my Mother, which improved when I had children. She was a lovely Granny (Mamgu) to them.

My second piece:

‘Secrets and Lies’

If you would like to read the story behind the pieces, please go to the online exhibition:



❤ May your day be happy 


20 responses to “Mothers Day Exhibition

  1. This is such a complex exhibit, covering all emotions. I’m sorry for your difficult experiences with your mother. It’s nice you are coming to an understanding of her, an appreciation of how she cared for your own children, taught you, while trusting your own emotions and respecting your own experiences. Very moving.

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  2. What very personal pieces, Sandra, as were all those in the exhibition – I was very moved. Thanks for sharing them, and especially yours

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  3. What a wonderful exhibition. I had no idea she was doing it. What complex relationships we have within families. I noticed your colour choice of Black and white with a touch of red, not your usual colour palate. I bet the participants shed a few tears along the way.

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    • Yes, the Exhibition is very moving.
      Helen mentioned it in her Newsletters.
      I think there is still time to be included in the Exhibition if you want to Cathy.
      Have a look on The Stitchbook Collective Facebook page. xx

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    I loved the exhibition Sandra and was very moved by the text accompanying your pieces.

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  5. Very interesting pieces. I look forward to reading more about them, and seeing others!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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  6. Happy Mother’s Day! Like those snappy pieces.

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  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you Sandra! I look forward to reading about your pieces this afternoon.

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