Attic24: Harbour Blanket

Each year in January, Lucy of Attic24, has a Crochet Along and I love to join in.

This year Lucy took the colours of a harbour as her inspiration. Although I liked Lucy’s colour choices, I was making this for Miss P, who absolutely LOVES bright colours, so I had to go BRIGHT.

Kingston Lacy Christmas lights

Well – maybe not quite that bright.

Starting row of Chain 150, I have made a Lap Blanket

In Stylecraft Special Double Knit (SSDK) and a 4.5mm hook

In Lucy’s Easy Eyelet Ripple

My colour order is:

Lapis, Bright Pink, Clementine, Empire, Fondant, Sunshine, Cornish Blue,

Spice, Turquoise, Matador, Bright Pink, Aqua, Lapis, Clementine,

Sunshine, Aster, Fondant, Spice, Empire, Matador, Aqua,

Turquoise, Lapis, Fondant, Aster, Bright Pink, Sunshine, Aqua,

Clementine, Empire, (a random blue yarn from my stash, but this could be Cornish Blue is sticking to SSDK), Spice, Matador, Fondant, Lapis,

Bright Pink, Turquoise, Clementine, Aqua, Empire, Matador, Fondant,

Aqua, Sunshine, Aster, Spice, Bright Pink, Turquoise, Lapis

49 colour stripes, each of two rows.


First row to fill in the ripples – Cornish Blue.

1 row of double crochet (US) – Empire – I love that colour!

One row of Single Crochet (US) – Bright Pink

Final row of Half-double crochet – Turquoise

The final measurements are 50″ x 40″ or 127cm x 103cm

In March I spent a glorious day with friends at Sculpture by the Lakes, we hired a private space there, The Pavilion, it was glorious.

and I took the blanket out and about for its own little photo shoot

I hope Miss P will like the blanket. I think her sister might want one as well, I wonder what colours she will choose.


30 responses to “Attic24: Harbour Blanket

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  2. stunning all round (Playing blog catch up)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The blanket is electric! Making it must have been satisfying, and I like how you twirled it, draped it and rolled it for the photos!

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  4. I love the colors!! What was her reaction!? It’s simply lovely!

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  5. Absolutely zingy! Miss P will adore it!

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  6. You’re amazing! Beautiful work. Miss P will be so pleased.

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    What a star! I love the idea of a blanket modelling for a photoshoot!

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  8. Those Christmas lights were wonderful, as was the private use of this spot – what a lovely idea! And of course your blanket has come out so well – Miss P will justifiably be thrilled, I am sure.

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  9. Gorgeously bright & vivid colours – am certain she’ll adore it!

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    I think Ms P will love it

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  11. Great blanket and choosing Simon and Mo’s for a photo shoot is a great choice!

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  12. Lovely colours, bright and cheerful, I’m sure she’ll love it!

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  13. Gorgeous blanket in an amazing place

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  14. Lovely and vivid, especially against the background with barely leaves on the trees. Hope she likes it! I especially like the colours in the last five rows. Like Lucy, you are good at choosing colours. 😃 The location for a day with friends looks lovely too.

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  15. Gorgeous colours and a fabulous location.

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