Scrap Happy: Textile Book Cover

Joining Kate and her band of Happy Scrappers

This is going to be a bookcover.

The black and white ticking is from some old kitchen curtains circa 1989.

I am using some bits of rust dyed fabric that weren’t beautifully rust-marked, and other bits and pieces. I have yet to weave in a lot more scrappiness.

The book cover method is one being taught in a online course I am following called ‘The Magpie’s Nest’, on Jean Oliver’s ‘Creativity is Calling’ website.

I discovered this site via Instagram, during lockdown, and have followed a couple of courses. Every so often there are special offers and that is how I came to sign up for The Magpies Nest, which is my favourite so far.

You can see lots of examples from this course on Instagram #themagpiesnestworkshop


14 responses to “Scrap Happy: Textile Book Cover

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  2. You will come up with an intriguing result, as you always do!

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  3. This is a great idea! Looking forward to see it finished!

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  4. You do take on some amazing projects.

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  5. I hope we’ll get to see the finished article, because this looks really interesting!

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  6. You are getting a great effect there.

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  7. Fabulous, love it.

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