Sacred Space for a Wedding Present

At last I can post photos of Sacred Space – a free pattern by Helen Shrimpton, which comes with a video tutorial.

I made it as a Wedding Present for my niece.

In 2017 I made Lucy’s Moorland Blanket for her.

Sacred Space is made with a 4.5mm hook in Stylecraft Special DK in Sage, Storm, Duck Egg, Cream, Petrol

Part One

Round 1,2: Sage

3, 4. Storm.        5,6, 7. Sage

8, 9, 10, 11 Duck Egg

12, 13 Cream

14, 15, 16 Sage

17, Storm

18 Sage ; 19 Storm ; 20 Sage ; 21 Storm

22 Sage ; 23 Storm ; 24 Sage ; 25 Storm

26 Sage

27, 28, 29, 30, Storm

Part Two

31, 32 Sage.           33, 34 Storm

35 Duck Egg.       36, 37, 38 Cream

39, 40, 41 Sage

42, 43, 44 Storm

45 Sage

Part 3

46, 47, 48 Petrol       49, 50 Sage

51 Duck Egg.            52, 53 Storm

54, 55 Sage

Part 4

56 – 63 Petrol

64 Storm ; 65 Sage ; 66 Storm

Part 5

67 Sage        68, 69 Storm

70 Duck Egg

71, 72, 73 Storm

74 Petrol

75, 76, 77 Cream

Part 6

78 – 82 Storm

83 Sage ; 84 Storm ; 85 Sage ; 86 Storm ; 87 Sage ; 88 Storm

89, 90 Duck Egg

Part 7

91, 92, 93 Sage

94, 95 Duck Egg

96 Sage        97, 98, 99 Storm

100 Sage

Part 8

101, 102 Storm

103, 104 Petrol

105 Duck Egg

106, 107 Storm

108 Sage

Part 9

109 Cream

110, 111, Sage

112 Petrol

113 Storm

114 Sage

It certainly was a joy to make.

You can rely on Helen Shrimpton’s patterns to work out well.


30 responses to “Sacred Space for a Wedding Present

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  2. I do like a Helen and have done a few. I also prefer the simpler colour ways which I think show the patterns off better.

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  3. That’s an incredible gift. Thank you for sharin

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  4. Beautiful! Those are almost the same colours I used in my big bedspread project a few years ago (with your seahorse motif on it 😉) and I always seem to come back to this colour palette. I have to force myself to choose different colours for blanket projects! LOL!

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  5. Gorgeous wedding gift! Your gift for choosing colors is splendid.

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  6. Just gorgeous. I love the textural elements on this, which really add to the lovely colour story.

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  7. Wonderful, I love this pattern!

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  8. Beautiful! It is interesting to see a version all in shades of blue with a bit of white.

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  9. What a beauty! A wonderful wedding present.

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  10. Wow she is a very lucky girl.

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  11. Going Batty in Wales

    That is so beautiful and what a fabulous present! I love that your family like getting your handmade blankets – 3 of my grandchildren are indifferent or downright sniffy but my eldest grandson dos like one I knitted for him for Uni.


    • How disappointing that your youngsters aren’t keen.
      I often give the children (and adult nephews and nieces) patterns and colours to choose from. When my grandchildren were little, they had very strong choices and opinions! which I always did my best to bring to life, that way they had an investment in the project from the start. Not sure if that is why they all still love the blankets and throws now.

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      • Going Batty in Wales

        Because of my husband’s ill health and very poor immune system I saw very little of my grandchildren when they were small. And it was pretty much before the days of Skype/ Zoom/ Facetime. It is only since he died that I have been able to get to know them and as they live in SE England visits were not very often. They enjoyed playing in my workshop and the girls enjoyed sewing with me but ‘hand made’ = ‘home made’ = inferior/ poverty in my D-in-L’s eyes. They will eventually mature enough to get it!

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  12. This is stunning and I love the colours you chose. How long did it take to complete?

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    • Thank you Jackie. How long an individual project takes is always so difficult to know. I started this one in October 2020. I always have multiple projects on the go and am often crocheting whilst doing other things. Most large throws take me about a year to complete.

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