Scrap Happy Bookcover

Some progress has been made on the book cover started last month.

It has fabric from old clothes and curtains, some from the 1970s.

The white lacy daisy is from a dress I had when I was 17, the stars are from holey old jeans that Miss E (14) has grown out of. I love them sitting close to each other in this piece.

This project is a lot of fun.

The inspiration comes from “The Magpie’s Nest”

a course by Aimee Irel Bishop

I have started another, which I have made in a different way.

This time, instead of cutting slits in the base fabric, I have laid strips on top of a piece of fabric to act as the ‘warp’. I tacked then down along the top edge and started weaving.

There is more to do.

Joining Kate and her happy band of Scrap Happy contributors.


22 responses to “Scrap Happy Bookcover

  1. Makes me want to touch it.

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  2. looks fun but magic – planned but unplanned – alltogether stunning

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  3. Great use of tiny bits and pieces… something I’m always on the lookout for. I may have to try making something like this as a demo for the shop.

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  4. Amazing! so many memories.

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  5. Going Batty in Wales

    I love the idea of scraps from something you wore and something from Miss E at similar age coming together.

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  6. Terrific project, right up my street. I shall enjoy following progress.

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  7. Absolutely gorgeous and so tactile .


  8. The texture is amazing, and I love the tiny pings and pops of bright colour.

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