Scrap Happy Wrapping

The blanket I gave to my neice as a wedding present needed a large cardboard box for wrapping.

I did not want to buy masses of wrapping paper, especially when I have a massive stash of fabric. I have an old dress of my Mum’s, (my niece’s Granny) so I cut off the skirt and wrapped the box in that.

Furoshiki style.

TheYou Tube clip below shows two pieces of fabric sewn together – I didn’t do that, I just used the one piece – the whole of the skirt. As it was see-through material there was not an obvious right and wrong side.

I then tucked in some fabric flowers that I had left over from making my Frida Kahlo headband

I loved the way it turned out.


25 responses to “Scrap Happy Wrapping

  1. That’s a wonderful result, Sandra – although I was puzzled that you said you used the skirt, which was white/cream, but the end result was blue spotty…?

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  2. Love the wrapping – a dual present if the recipient wishes to make something from the outer cloth.

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  3. Such a nice wrapping. I’ve wrapped daughters gifts in fabrics when she was stash building. Can’t get much more eco! 😁

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  4. Creative idea – one I’ve never seen before 💫

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  5. Fabulous idea & love your version!

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  6. Going Batty in Wales

    What a brilliant idea! It looks so stylish and special. I wonder if the couple take after you and will save the fabric until they can make something with it?

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  7. Perfect for a wedding gift!

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  8. Gorgeous! Having a fabric stash can be so useful, can’t it?

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  9. Very clever and so attractive.

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  10. Wonderful idea, love it.

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